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Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

Chasing the Muscled Dreams

Chasing the Muscled Dreams
October 03
15:51 2017

August Edition, Sports, Nip Jyoti Barman

Golap Rabha, who was the runner up at Mr India 2015 and winners of Mr Assam, Mr Eastern India, Mr Luit etc. is set to scribble his name in the history books once more when he will be representing the Indian team in the Mr Olympia Amateur which will be held in Mumbai from October 13-15. In an exclusive interview with Northeast Today, the muscleman shares more about his life and journey so far.

Gone are the days when success, glory, and fame were reserved only for those who hailed either from the metros or other big cities. These days, heroes are born at the humblest of backgrounds and Golap Rabha is one such name who has not just made Assam proud, but has also inspired a lot of small town boys and girls to dream big.

“Initially I was into martial arts. But as my body structure was not that good, I took up exercising and body building in 2001 under the guidance of Jiten Kalita, a teacher of Boko Don Bosco School. He had been a body builder himself and under him I learned the basics of body building,” reveals the ace body builder in a candid chit-chat.

“Taking part in a body building contest was by chance in 2003,. But since then, I have gone on to take part in different competitions. So far I have taken part in several district and national competitions,” he further added, who is slated to take part in quite a few international competitions this year including Mr Universe and Mr Olympia Amateur.

Golap Rabha has been a former Mr Assam (2013) and Mr India (2015) runners-up as well.

Speaking about his initial days as a body builder, Rabha says, “When I began, the scenario here was not good. Lots of negative things were said about body building. Stuffs like brain becoming dull, one gets aggressive, and rise of impotency, hamper in studies etc. were told to us those days when we started to exercise. But things like these are nothing but just a diversion, which I realize today.”

The champion body builder further said that with the improvement of technology, today body building can in fact be a good career option.

“With so many new gyms coming up, one can easily opt for the post of a trainer,” he said.

He lamented about the fact that body building, as a sport, is yet to gain importance in Assam and feels that the scenario in the state is worst as compared to other states.

“A body builder needs to be on a protein-rich diet. The protein supplements are quite costly and in most occasions it is observed that a body builder cannot afford such products and he leaves body building mid-way. If only the government aids these aspirant body builders, things might change,” he says.

“Body structure of the people from the Northeast is similar to the body structure of most of the renowned body builders. There are obstacles ahead, but one should not get bogged down and keep on training and moving,” he further adds on.

With support from his family that includes his mother, wife, daughter and a younger brother, and training hard every day without taking much break, Golap Rabha has now set his eyes on the (Mr Olympia Amateur) and he is determined to put up a good show and bring laurels to the state.

(The author is a freelance writer and photographer based in Boko)



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