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Check Gates to Stay in Meghalaya Till E-Way Bill is Ready

Check Gates to Stay in Meghalaya Till E-Way Bill is Ready
July 17
12:20 2017

Check gates in Meghalaya are still functional and it seems that it will continue to function for the time being.

Speaking on the matter, Taxation Minister Zenith Sangma said that the state is waiting for e-way bill system which has been recommended by GST council to National Informatics Centre (NIC), Pune to formulate this as soon as possible.

“Different types of taxes levied by these departments still continues, as far as removal of check gates are concern it will depend on the e way bill system is develop and placed in the GSTN portal,” Sangma said adding, “As on today this has not been ready and the responsibility has been given to NIC to develop the system and they said this will take couple of months time”.

He added that with the introduction of e-way bill system in the GST, check gates will be immediately removed.

Stating that this seems to take couple of months time, the Minister said, “During this period check gates will be functioning as they are run by Ministry of road transport and some by forest department”.


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