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Wed, 08 Apr 2020

Northeast Today

Colleges & Student’s Employability

Colleges & Student’s Employability
February 27
14:46 2020

Kaustov Kashyap

Colleges play a very crucial, if not the most important role in deciding a student’s employability. Therefore, it is only imperative that one must choose the best college they can get into. The job market is tougher than ever and you need to bring a lot to the table to be able to present yourself as a potential valuable employee. How you decide on the best college in this case is a different ballgame altogether.
If you have to get into college in a couple of years, you must already start an active search to narrow down to the top 5 colleges of your choice. Now, you need to know the exact parameters on which you would be basing your choice. Read on to know how your college will be playing a huge role in improving your employability in the future.
Colleges can help you get the focused education that you need for the career of your choice. Needless to say, when deciding on a college, you must pay a great deal of attention to the curriculum. You need to see if the subjects that are offered will help you secure employment in your desired career. Go for a college that revises its curriculum and updates it to keep up with the changing times.
Colleges that provide career counselling to their students should always be the ones that you look for. A student’s employability does not depend on the degree and the scores only. It is very important that the student has a very strong foundation of skill sets that are required in the professional environment. Often, students are faced with the difficult choice of choosing between more than one potential career while they are in college. A strong counselling from the college’s end can steer the student in the right direction.
Look for a college that can provide the exposure that will prepare you to for a highly demanding professional environment. Find a college that is known to encourage its students to take up internships and has an active placement cell. The college you should be able to direct you to or provide you with internship opportunities which can help you get employed in the future.
Colleges that conduct periodic employability assessments of their students can help improve their students’ employability to a great deal. These assessments can help the students in identifying their strengths and work on their weaknesses. A regular assessment can help the students improve their academic performance along with developing the much-needed knowledge of what needs to be done to be a candidate everyone would like to hire.
A complete integration of ideas is required on the part of the college to make sure that the students get a 360 degree guidance towards being more employable. It is the college’s duty to prepare each student for a successful professional career and it is the student’s responsibility to make the best of educational opportunities.
Ask yourself if the colleges that you have shortlisted can provide you with everything that has been just mentioned above. If yes, you need to give your best to get into one of these institutions. Your college is your final stop before you start your career. You need to make sure that it presents you with the best of opportunities and prepares you for what is out there in the real professional world.

The writer is a HR & Career Consultant


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