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Wed, 01 Apr 2020

Northeast Today

Congress will defend the history & tradition of NE people: Rahul Gandhi

Congress will defend the history & tradition of NE people: Rahul Gandhi
April 04
13:01 2019

NET Bureau

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday promised to restore Special Category status for all the Northeastern states and also reintroduce the North East Industrial Investment Policy (NEIIP) besides protecting the culture, languages and tradition of the indigenous people of the region.
Addressing a mammoth election rally in Dimapur at DDSC Stadium, the Congress President said the party will not allow the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) to be passed under any circumstances as it firmly believes that it is a grave threat to the identity of indigenous people in the region.
“There is a conflict between two ideologies in the country. There is a fight between BJP/RSS/Narendra Modi on one side and Congress and other forces on another side,” Rahul Gandhi said while accusing the RSS and Narendra Modi of trying to impose one vision and one idea on the people of India.
“Congress believes that every single individual/state of India has its own culture, beliefs, hopes and own history. India is an embodiment of all the different cultures. We believe India is a perseverance of these cultures,” he said and questioned, “Who do they think they are to dictate people on how to live their life?”
“It is their sheer arrogance,” Rahul Gandhi said.
He told the gathering that people of Nagaland and Northeast have their history, culture and proud heritage which is India’s strength. “We are going to defend your culture and language. There will be not compromise on that,” he assured.
He said he wants a Nagaland where Naga people have their voice. “I stand with you, not just in words but deeds. Congress is not going to allow the history of Nagas to be crushed. We simply will not allow,” he said amidst thunderous applause from the people.
Launching an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS, the Congress President asked, “On what basis the BJP-led government had withdrawn the Special Status accorded to the NE states and NEIIP?”
“Because they wanted to transfer huge sum of money meant from Northeast to the people of their choice,” Rahul said adding Congress had provided Special Status and NEIIP to N-E states because these states required it because of their unique problems, challenges and unique geography.
He said the moment Congress comes to power at the Centre, it would restore the Special Category Status and NEIIP to the Northeastern states.
The Congress President further said that Dr Manmohan Singh talked of Look East Policy. He said Congress sees northeast in terms of as economic activity and potential bridge between India and South East Asia. This policy will transform the Northeast, he said.
Accusing the Narendra Modi Government of destroying the Planning Commission, which was helpful to the Northeastern states, Rahul said if Congress is voted to power, it would bring the institution of Planning Commission back and re-orient the banking system for the new entrepreneurs.
He also accused Narendra Modi government of derailing the economy of the country.
The Congress President accused that Narendra Modi government had provided Rs 3.50 lakh crore money from banks of the country to 15 most powerful people in the country.
He stated that Narendra Modi had promised Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s bank account, 2 crore jobs in 5 years and right prices for farmers for their produce before getting elected as the PM of the country. “Now all these promises have turned out to be lies and only lies,” Rahul said adding that he won’t set any pre-condition and would stand by the people whether he would be PM or not.
He stated that Congress had not promised Rs 15 lakh per person in the country but would implement NYAY where poor people of the country will get Rs 72,000 per year.
“We are going to identify 20% of India’s poorest people in every state who earn less than 12000 a month. They are going to get Rs 72000 a year in their bank accounts,” he said adding, “We simply do not accept that India can have poor people in 21st century and that’s is why we want a surgical strike on poverty.” He said NYAY scheme will do justice to the people of India.
On Naga political issue, Rahul Gandhi said that he gives a clean commitment to solve the issue and not just empty world like the Prime Minister. He said Naga issue is very complex with multiple stakeholders.
“I will work together with all the stakeholders and will try to give you a resolution as soon as possible. I will not give empty promises, empty words but will give commitment to help resolve this issue and deliver a solution,” he said.
On youngsters in Nagaland, the Congress president said that everyone understands the dynamism and capability of Naga youths but if they want to start a business in their state, the starting point is a government department.
“We have decided that any entrepreneur in the country, he/she does not need to take permission for a period of three years. We want to pull out India out of demonitization and ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’,” he said.
He also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of derailing the economy of the country and said the Congress will change the GST and give new GST, if it comes to power.
Rahul also introduced the Congress Lok Sabha Candidate, KL Chishi and thanked NPF President Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu and former CM TR Zeliang for their support to defeat the Hindutava forces.
Nagaland State Congress President K. Therie in his speech appreciated and requested Rahul Gandhi to bring solution to the Naga political problem.
Therie remarked it’s a history that for the first time Congress and NPF have joined hands to strengthen the secular force of the nation.
Therie thanked NPF leaderships for displaying magnanimity for supporting the INC Candidate.
Rajya Sabha MP KG Kenye cautioned the gathering that BJP President Amit Shah openly declared that they will bring in the CAB. Kenye said, “We need to choose our path, either stand for our rights or be dictated by the Hindutava forces.”
Former CM TR Zeliang remarked, “As the nation prepares for the LS election with great confidence and hope I seek your precious mandate for KL Chishi. I have a strong conviction that KL Chishi will win.
Zeliang further pointed out that “in a democracy the majority will rule but the rights of the minorities should not be curtailed”.
He also said once Naga issue is resolved Nagaland can progress ahead.
Zeliang lambasted Lok Sabha MP Tokheho Yepthomi for his action when CAB was placed in the Lok Sabha.
Zeliang alleged that Yepthomi intentionally absconded from the Lok Sabha stating that he was busy in his home town Zunheboto.
Nagas should not commit the same mistake by voting for Tokheho, a weak leader who escapes when he is needed the most, he added.


Source: Nagaland Page


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