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Tue, 16 Jul 2019

Northeast Today

Cover Culture in Northeast

Cover Culture in Northeast
February 28
14:54 2018

January Edition, Music, Barsaindi Naiding

With a list of musical talents on the march provided with digital platform at fingertips, a rise of people singing quality covers is emerging from all around. Cover Culture takes on the Northeast, giving opportunities to young and independent artist to showcase their excellent talent. Let’s take a quick look on some artistes, from the Northeast, who have taken the digital media by storm with their soulful renditions…

Antareep Hazarika and Suryaprakash Medhi

It was October 2013 when two friends from Guwahati published their first cover song ‘The A Team’ by Ed Sheeran. It gained a decent amount of views on YouTube, and a lot of appreciation and encouragement is what kept them going. Since then they have published many more covers, captivating major viewers and listeners with their spectacular musical skills.

Surya on the vocals and Antareep donning the musician’s hat, together they create soulful covers. Coming from a family of musical background they got introduced to music at a very tender age. YouTube sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider is the duo’s inspiration.

They believe that YouTube is a platform, which actually makes the world a smaller place where people can easily get connected. YouTube has made it possible for them to meet artist alike themselves and those whom they had looked up to.

In 2016 Antareep got a chance to work with his icon Kurt Hugo Schneider which he considers to be his most glorious achievement. Whereas music is an addictive passion to Antareep, Surya like his idol Bruce Dickinson wants to make his career in aviation besides music.

To the young artist out there they advise that they need not wait for the equipment to be available and should make use of whatever they have and probably go through it anyway. People are going to notice regardless. Along with the many cover songs, they also plan to release their original album in 2018

Abhishruti Bezbaruah

From Esaati Botaah, RoiRoi Roti to Tihu Deeno from her latest album, Abhishruti’s songs have been warmly embraced. Her songs are rooted deep in the rich Assamese culture. As a sound editor she has worked in an array of films, both in India and abroad. She incorporates a blend of traditional Assamese folk music with a gist of modern touch. She has been trained in classical music under the guidance of many renowned gurus. Abhishruti was the first Assamese to have been adjudged 1st in the All India Radio Competition in the category Hindustani Classical Music, 2006. She has also been conferred the Young Talent Award of North East. Her latest album ABHISHRUTI was released in September 2017. All her songs are published on YouTube. With Bihu just around the corner, another masterpiece is expected by her beloved fans.

Cover Culture

In Abhishruti’s opinion, the digital platform has immense potential to take an artist to a greater extent. People do not have the luxury of excess time but with the availability of mobile and internetit has made efficient for the budding artist to reach its audience. Social media today is equivalent to popular music channels which could be used to manoeuvre the kind of regional music that she produces as it does not get much platform. Most of the audiences she has gained were from platforms like YouTube.


Hailing from the hills of Kohima, Nagaland, Virie is a singer-songwriter who has been winning hearts since her first cover of Lorde’s ‘Yellow Flicker Lights’. Virie made her debut with her single, Silver Lining Skies (Feat. Polar Lights). It was awarded as the Best Collaboration of the year in the 1st Edition of Indie Music Awards 2015 and as the Best Rock Song at Music Awards of Nagaland. In 2016 Virie collaborated with her friend Zaza and released the song Down That Road written and composed by the both of them. She also released her single in the same year, My Summer which is a beautiful melancholy. Virie is a promising singer whom we can always expect to bring something fresh and vibrant to the field of music.


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