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CPI(M) Misguiding Farmer Community, Alleges BJP

CPI(M) Misguiding Farmer Community, Alleges BJP
June 18
16:18 2017

CPI(M) in Tripura is misguiding the farmer community and depriving them of their legitimate facilities and opportunities, this was alleged by Tripura BJP.

The BJP Kishan Morcha has decided to launch an agitation to protest against such mischief and demanding that all the facilities extended by the central government must be made available to the farmers of this state.

Subal Bhowmik, vice-president of the BJP state committee said, “Centre has slashed the price of fertilizers of different type from Rs 2.50 to Rs 5 per kg and arranged Neem coating of the Urea to prevent smuggling of the fertilizer.”
He further added that all these are done, so that the farmers can afford to use these and farm productions are increased, “This will ensure a growth in their income. However, the CPI(M) government in Tripura is conspiring, So that, all these benefits don’t reach to the farmers.”

“CPI(M)’s policy is to keep people dependent on the government, so that, they can be politically exploited,” he stated, adding, “Due to negative policy of this government many of our agriculturists had to shift to other profession and a majority of them has turned into MGNREGA laborers. The farming community has lost their dignity due to CPI(M)’s policy to keep them suppressed.”

He also informed that Centre has taken steps to extend scope for agricultural loan but here the real farmers are not getting it, “Large scale corruptions are going on in the name of supply paddy seeds through the government stores. Printing marks of outside companies’ on the sacks local seeds are being distributed which are giving low yield causing heavy loss to the farmers.”


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