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Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Northeast Today


December 11
16:53 2019

Amidst the situation where all the North-East states are in turmoil against the Citizenship
Amendment Bill, the central government has vehemently passed the bill which just demystifies
that the center has never taken NorthEast into consideration. Delhi Association of Manipur Muslims DAMMS condemns this act of majoritarian way of suppressing and oppressing the minority voices. Northeast is the place
where various tribes and ethnic communities with different cultures of their own which are
significantly different from mainland India’s culture inhabit.And the constitution has provided
them the rights to safeguard their own culture and tradition but bringing up a bill like CAB has
just simply thrown away the sanctity of these communities which has been preserved in the
constitution. Ultimately as a consequence of this bill,it might completely wipe off the indigenous
communities in the Northeast by bringing a stark change in demographic differences in terms of
culture and tradition and try to assimilate the national frontier with mainland culture.

Vividly, BJP has been claiming that this bill would extend safeguard to those Hindus, Sikhs,
Parsis and Christians who are being oppressed and subjugated in the neighboring states of
Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.However the pertinent question is have they been able
to even safeguard the security of its own people -the women and girls, the minorities, the poor
and the farmers? Ironically, there is no state which could prove the security (economically,
socially, morally) of its own people inside the territory. This bill demystifies that it is their
intention is to establish their depraved project of building BJP’s Hindutva ideology of building a
nation based on homogeneous culture. This will result in polarization between Hindus and
Muslims at the cost of the secular principles which has been laid down by our founding fathers
in the constitution. Not surprisingly BJP also seems to endorse their own version of the
infamous two nations theory.

Concerns could also be raised about the effectiveness of the ILP which has been used as a
sweetener for some states in the NE by the BJP in regards to the CAB. With the population
crisis in mainland India and the relatively low population density of the NE, the NE states remain
the logical dumping ground for the refugees. Hence it is deeply concerning despite the BJP’S
assurances that some of the NE states would remain outside the purview of the CAB.

We, DAMMS, vehemently oppose such type of
discriminatory, unconstitutional and undemocratic bill. It should be scrapped and should never
be upheld by any organization irrespective of which community or group they belong to if we are
seriously concerned about safeguarding the basic features of the constitution. And more
importantly, it is the question of survival for the Northeast people in particular. So we appeal to
everyone to oppose the bill for the sake of our constitution and for our survival. Don’t be enticed
by the honey-coated words of BJP.


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