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Wed, 23 Oct 2019

Northeast Today


June 06
15:31 2019

Marvi Muskan

Dawki lies about 95km from Shillong and it is just 2 km away from Bangladesh border. A journey amidst the hilly regions from Shillong will take you to this thriving center. Dawki is known for its pristine lush green surroundings. The town is not just a tourist attraction but also one of the nearest Gateways to Bangladesh. It’s the only place where there is a road route connecting to Bangladesh. It’s a beautiful place to explore many things from clear water lake to caves to beautiful mountains. Hence, the place is a great spot for family leisure.

How to Reach Dawki

By Road: Dawki is well-connected by road from Shillong. However, it is better to hire a cab or a taxi to reach Dawki. Buses are also available from Shillong.

By Train: Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest railway station. Dawki is around 180km from Guwahati.




Umngot river

Umngot River 

Umngot River or Dawki stream is a little waterway that courses through Dawki in the East Jaintia Hills. It’s a completely clear waterway which is uncommon to discover in India, one can see the whole impression of the watercraft and it gives the inclination that the vessel is flying.

The stream closes at the global outskirt of India Bangladesh. The characteristic magnificence of Dawki is framed by the Umngot River as it were. The stream in Dawki is additionally a prime Angling spot. One can take a watercraft ride in this waterway; the ride keeps going up to a decent 30 to 40 mins and it is extremely wonderful. The pictures of Umngot River keep appearing on social media platforms. When we look at the boats sailing in the river from a distance, it looks like the water is transparent! Fishing is one of the main occupations here apart from agriculture and mining. So, fishing boats are a common sight in Umngot River.

Snorkeling in Dawki

Swimming in the Umgnot River is inside and out an alternate affair from any of the ocean side or streamside swimming, all as a result of the unmistakable water of the waterway. Regardless of whether you don’t know to swim, you are ready with Snorkeling in Dawki.

The reasonable perspectives under the water and the submerged photos will be the entrancing and noteworthy experience. This water brandish is anything but difficult to do and does not include any sort of hazard. It is ideal simply light experience close Kolkata and North East India. You will be given life jackets and other Safety Equipments.

Camping in Dawki

Get some time for yourself far from the bustling existence of the city to an unexplored goal and camp close to the waterway side to encounter the enjoyment of flying creatures peeping, the tunes of the hurrying stream water, and the mash of the leaves all at a similar place. Outdoors in Dawki is a brilliant involvement in Meghalaya.

The magnificence around this place will hold you here; you will just wish to remain in Dawki. The warm sand under your feet when you advance out of the camp early in the day influences you to feel reviving and unwind. The riverside remains in Dawki can be experienced just with outdoors. The restoration and unwinding right in the lap of nature is absolutely the sign that you are encountering the Incredible India.

Borhill Falls

Borhill falls

Borhill falls, Picture by Shafimon

Borhill falls is otherwise called bophill falls or Pangtumai falls situated close dawki India Bangladesh outskirt. Its common excellence draws in the travelers. In Bangladesh it is known as pangtumai waterfalls. Pangtumai is a lovely town of sylhet region. It is arranged in north east India. At first you need to go to Shillong from any piece of india.

At that point you can go to Borhill falls by save taxi. Then again there is transport benefit from shillong to dawki, after that go to Borhill falls. It is anything but difficult to go there from Bangladesh. From any piece of Bangladesh you need to go tamabil outskirt of Sylhet. In the wake of intersection fringe you will go to dawki, at that point you can go to Borhill falls by save taxi.


Mawshun Cave

The Cave lies around 680 m in an immediate line east of the congregation at Lelad however 100 m lower. It is a dendrite ace stream give in that goes about as an authority for a few channels and depletes the zone east of the town Lelad. The uninviting passageway in the middle of stones opens to a 5 m pot that drops into a fine, clean-washed stream section, which again prompts a 24 m profound pitch. The stream section gets bigger, both upstream and downstream, with the downstream entry estimating 12 m by 10 m. The give in has a few exceptions all around enriched abnormal state sections. It is a wonderful buckle arrangement of 3339 m long.

Dawki Suspension Bridge

The fundamental fascination here separated from the outrageous common magnificence and peace is the Dawki Bridge. It is a suspension connects over the Umngot River and furthermore fills in as a place from where all voyagers can appreciate some fantastic all-encompassing perspectives. The emerald shade of the Dawki stream is the real attractions of the place and henceforth Dawki tourism has prospered in the previous couple of years. Dawki hanging span is expanding on Dawki/Umngot waterway. It’s a suspension connect work in 1931 by British. Umngot waterway on which this scaffold is fabricated is known for its perfect and clear water. This is work close India-Bangladesh fringe and offers access to Dawki town.


Dawki is full of greenery; it’s one of the best places for nature lovers. It’s a must visit for people who is visiting Meghalaya. It’s a small paradise and truly God’s creation of nature.








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