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Sun, 26 May 2019

Northeast Today

Demands for NRC Updation Raised in Manipur

Demands for NRC Updation Raised in Manipur
August 20
03:35 2018

A discourse on “NRC update in Manipur: problems and prospects” was held on Sunday at State Guest House, Sanjenthong in Manipur and the participants mostly intellectuals, leaders of CVOs among others recommended that NRC should be drafted in the state.

The fresh wave of update on issue of National Register of Citizens (NRC) came to light when the final draft of NRC Assam was released on July 31 taking the whole nation to storm, leaving out a population of over 40 lakhs.

The participants in the discourse resolved that the state government should constitute ‘Manipur state population commission’ to monitor the migration influx in the state with proper planning and policies.

It also recommended that the participants in the meeting with civil society organisations should submit a memorandum to the state and central government at the earliest, letting the authorities know of the grave situation of migration in the state.

Head of biostatistics department, RIMS, Prof R.K. Narendra Singh, gave detailed report on ‘exigency of NRC updation in Manipur’. He made his point clear that NRC updation is need of the hour for the state to curtail migration flow and to maintain equilibrium demographic stability, keeping in view of increase of migration influx year by year.

He gave a detailed report of when state population rises from the first census report in 1951 to a stark unusual rise in 2011 census report. He also curtailed the need to form a Manipur State Population Commission (MSPC) which would monitor constantly the various spectrums of population influx in the state. An agreement was signed between the state government and JCILPS on August 25, 2015 to form MSPC, to assess the problems and issues of demographic imbalance, but till date it has not been formed, he said.

Professor of economics department, Manipur University, Chinglen Maisnam delivered a lecture on ‘NRC Assam and its implications from Manipur perspective’. He said NRC updation will have its advantages and disadvantages as it will impact on migration directly and indirectly. Without migration, there will be no development and at the same time migration also brings in population influx.

“Manipur will need NRC update but need to be prepared for it with proper analysis, work culture needs to be first developed in the state,” he said. It is the labour and capital movement that will only solve illegal immigration and hence population influx.

Artax R. Shimray also pointed out in his analysis ‘on impact of migration to the existence of native people’ that immigration has badly affected the identity of the native people. He talked about political and economic impact given by the immigration influx that, some politicians still manage to neglect the dangers of immigration influx like intermarriage with the illegal immigrants.

- Imphal Free Press


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