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Sun, 16 Jun 2019

Northeast Today

Do You Want to Become a Hitchhiker? Read These Tips!

Do You Want to Become a Hitchhiker? Read These Tips!
April 07
10:46 2018

Many people think that hitchhiking is very difficult and dangerous. However, we do not support this point of view and we are going to dispel this myth.

Hitchhiking is the best way to discover a new country!

We live in an extremely busy world. Somebody studies at the university and needs to spend most of the day in the library, doing his or her homework. Others are willing to obtain the doctor’s degree, that is why devote several years of their lives for writing a dissertation. There are also many people, who work 20 hours per day in order to achieve incredible success and do not remember when they had their last vacation.

Nevertheless all this routine of our everyday life steals the bright colors of the world. Is there a way-out? Definitely, yes! Just take a gap year at the university, ask for dissertation editing help or take a vacation and start your journey! Be sure that travelling will be as a breath of fresh air in your usual life.

The best way to explore the real world is to try hitchhiking, a form of transport, in which the traveler are aimed at getting a free ride from another traveler.

8 useful pieces of advice which you should follow to avoid problems

In this article you can find the main tips for the successful hitchhiking.

1. Make a trip route

Once you have decided to go hitchhiking, your first step should be the creation of a trip route. It is highly recommended to plan where you are going to go in advance. For this purpose, purchase a map of country’s highways or just draw a route, for example, on Google maps, and after that carefully study what settlements will be on your way. Be sure, in the long trip this will be of great importance.

2. Travel with a boyfriend

For the fake of justice, it is worth noting that girls traveling alone have more chances to catch a car on the road. However, there is a high risk for young girls to get into an unpleasant situation. In order to avoid it, it is better for girls to travel together with their boyfriends. As a matter of fact, young couples, who are willing to be picked up on the track, cause sympathy and can easily stop a passing car.

3. Choose the right place

Your choice of the place where to stop a car  determines your future success of getting a free lift. You will certainly have more chances to catch a car somewhere in the suburb rather than in the city, which is full of expensive taxies. It is also worth remembering that places for hitchhiking should be convenient for drivers. In other words, you need to choose that places, where drivers can easily stop and quickly discuss with you the details of the route.

4. Take care of your appearance

To be honest, the driver’s decision on whether to stop or not depends on how you look. For instance, if you are a girl and plan to travel by getting free rides in passing vehicles, it is a bad idea for you to put on the ill-fitting clothes, which can cause the inadequate associations. It is recommended to wear comfortable, clean and neat clothes, suitable for different weather conditions. It is also useful to remember about reflective elements in the clothes in order to be noticed on the road at night.

5. Agree that the trip will be free of charge

For the avoidance of any misunderstandings, it is important to agree that you will not pay for the trip before you get into the car. Such arguments as student status, heavy backpacks, hot weather, travel for a long time, work well as an “excuse”.

6. Maintain a conversation

Though, you won’t pay money for your trip, do not forget that you can give the driver a symbolic “pay” in the form of good mood and interesting communication.

It is an open secret that the most successful hitchhikers are those who are sociable, often smiling, can interestingly tell about those places, which they were lucky to visit and are ready to share their experience and wisdom.

7. Follow the driver’s rules

Remember that those drivers, who stop and agree to take you to the place you need, make you a real favor. That is why it is very important to follow their rules during the trip. If you are asked to fasten a belt, then do it. Do not smoke without a permission. Do not comment the driver’s manner of driving, as well as his or her music tastes.

8. Stay optimistic

Hitchhiking is not easy at all. It is very likely that you will have to stand for a long time on the road waiting for the car. The key rule is do not lose optimism and believe in your strength. You will certainly succeed!


Therefore, do not consider this method of traveling as something really dangerous. Just follow our pieces of advice and everything will be great! Good luck!



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