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Tue, 28 Jan 2020

Northeast Today

Doing it the FIT way!

Doing it the FIT way!
December 17
12:39 2019

Anuraag Jaiswar


What does Fitness exactly mean to you?

Somebody with big arms and chest; somebody with a six pack or someone who could climb a hill without a sweat! There are five aspects of fitness based on which we judge whether a person is fit or not: 1. Muscular Strength 2.Muscular Endurance 3.Cardio Vascular Endurance 4.Flexibility 5.Body Composition. It would just be unfair to claim one to be unfit or fit based on a single aspect. We are so fantasized by the models and actors without being aware of their lifestyle that we sometimes end up setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. If you can give the effort it requires, you can definitely achieve that physique. But for those who have other priorities than working for a perfectly carved body, it does not mean that being fit is not their thing! If you are determined to adopt a healthier lifestyle you will lead a better life physically and mentally.

The Six Pack fever!

The craze to get a six pack is very popular these days. I see some people pointlessly and brainlessly chasing for a six pack doing hundred(s) of crunches or training until they get sore muscles. Firstly, you have to understand how it works. To make your abs visible, you only have to do two things: grow your abdominal muscles and lower your body fat so that they are visible. Your abdominal muscles are no different than your chest, lats, arms or legs. So do not treat them as such if all you are aiming for is a six pack. Train your abs just like you train the rest of your body parts: progressive overload; variation and enough rest to allow the tissues to repair and grow.

Adding to it, core strengthening, on the other hand, is a bit different. The intensity level of the workout in a strengthening program is quite high and also pretty rigorous. So, if you are going for a strengthening program amidst carving for a six pack, just make sure you give enough rest and nutrition to your core before you go for your next ab workout.

Weight Training or Cardio: For fat loss?

Your body burns your stored fat for energy only during aerobic activities. Yes, cardio as we call it. So, is cardio the better option for fat loss? Before we get into the debate, let me make this clear that when we talk about manipulating the body mass, diet will always play a vital role in the matter. When you train for cardio, there is no room for muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) for various reasons. You will definitely lose weight. But, the problem will be faced after your fat loss program is over. Since there will be no increment in your BMR, most of the weight (mainly fat) that you have lost will most probably start bouncing back. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the amount of calories your body burns with zero activity which is directly proportional to the amount of muscle mass in your body.

Proper weight training facilitates the increase of BMR. This means, by the time your fat loss program with weights is over, your body will already be burning more calories to help you get back to your normal routine without worrying about regaining the lost weight. So, in my opinion, keeping weight training as a priority and doing one or two sessions of cardio for muscle endurance and mainly cardiovascular endurance (i.e. heart health) is ideal.

The Muscle Gain Strategy

Some key points to ponder:

  1. Don’t train just hard, train smart: No, by this I don’t mean that you train in your comfort zone. You must train upto your full potential every time but damaging more tissues than you can repair will get you nowhere.
  2. The protein factor: We all know that we need around 1.5g – 2g of protein per pound of body muscle mass to start seeing noticeable results. And that a good protein shake actually helps. But dunking the protein shake and the egg whites all at once and going blank on protein for the rest of the day is definitely not a smart move. The same is relying only on protein shakes over natural sources. The key is to distribute the total amount of protein evenly in all of your meals. You must consume adequate amounts of natural enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to make sure that the protein is digested and absorbed in the body.
  3. Stretching and rest: Your body needs rest to repair and grow. But how many of you are aware of the importance of stretching? Training with heavy weights over a long period of time may lead to stiffening or tightening of muscle tissues which sometimes slows down its growth. Including different types of muscle loosening techniques like stretching, foam rolling or a massage more frequently might just prove to be a boon for you. It not just helps you achieve a greater pump during your workouts but also help your muscles to grow upto its full potential.


The writer is a certified fitness expert. Having worked with brands like Talwalkers and Golds Gym at present he is the Strength and Conditioning Coach & Nutrition Consultant of Guwahati City Football Club.

Insta Handle: @anuraagjaiswar


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