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Thu, 21 Mar 2019

Northeast Today

Draping with Vogue

Draping with Vogue
May 28
14:07 2018

April Edition, Fashion

Have you ever thought of adding some zing to the drapes of Mekhela Chador?

A graphic designer and a fashion blogger from Guwahati has been busy developing this kind innovation on the traditional attires. With a desire to give a stroke of fusion taking Mekhela Chador as the canvas, Pongkhi Pegu gave birth to La Meraki. Chirasmrita Devi gets candid with the designer and churns out more.

The Beginning

A literature graduate and a diploma holder in graphic designing, this budding designer launched La Meraki in Guwahati in August 2017, with an aim to add an innovative touch to the creations. “If I have to tell the truth, people around me inspired me to be a fashion designer in reality. I am a fashion blogger and I have been wearing different attires in my own unique ways, sometimes adding my own designs too. Eventually, people around me started appreciating my fashion sense and personal designs. My family and well-wishers, especially my mother, encouraged me to try my hands on designs professionally. However, I never took any formal design classes,” says Pongkhi.

Getting it Designed

The process of designing a Mekhela Chadar in La Meraki starts with tête-à-tête between the designer and the client. The ideas are then reproduced in the form of a sketch keeping in mind the requirements and tastes of the client.

Pongkhi Pegu

Pongkhi Pegu

Informing more about the boutique, Pongkhi adds, “La Meraki deals with both handloom and powerloom made products. Basically, we love to blend the traditional designs with the modern taste. We are a unisex boutique and ‘Pongkhi’s’ is our in-house label. We also have collaborations with the popular national brand ‘Ek Taara’.”

Along with traditional materials like ‘paat’, ‘muga’ etc.; Pongkhi works with many other different kinds of dress materials to create a symbiosis of tradition and innovation. Her experimentation with different motifs and materials is well reflected in her designs resulting in a fusion look.

Standing Out

What differentiates the Mekhela Chadars of La Meraki is the flexibility of customising.

“A customer’s wish is a command for us. Our very tagline reflects this motto- ‘You Dream, we Design’. For e.g. if a customer wants a Mekhela Chadar made and designed in georgette, which is generally not available anywhere in the city, we would create designs in georgette garments accordingly,” adds Pongkhi who also maintains a fashion blog titled ‘Prettily Petite’.

La Meraki (M)

“I don’t follow rules and that’s the USP and the beauty of my creations,” concludes Pongkhi.

The splendour of a Mekhela Chador is perennial. Draping this magnificence and adorning the intricacy of the weaves is a beauty in itself in Assamese culture. Potential designers like Pongkhi add more variety to our choices by making it accessible to us.



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