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Sat, 20 Oct 2018

Northeast Today

Exploring World Through Books

Exploring World Through Books
November 13
12:06 2017

October Edition, Statewide Arunachal Pradesh, NET Bureau

With an aim to provide children a chance to explore the world of literature, Kolkata based Crayons of Hope has brought its unique library Wall O Books to Arunachal Pradesh. Wall O Books is a dream revolution and its main intention is to sweep the minds of the underprivileged children with books and a magical wall! Northeast Today reports.

Catching Up

Books are a man’s best friend and every person, especially children, needs the right books for their overall development. Books are the easiest way to introduce oneself to a new culture and know the various ways of life. However, there are a few unfortunate children who cannot afford to access to good books and this hampers their mental development. Thus, in order to provide the underprivileged kids a window to the world through books so that they can think and express freely— Wall O Books recently opened its Arunachal chapter.

During a chit-chat with Northeast Today, Oyi Taki, co-coordinator of WOB Arunachal chapter, said, “Few months back, I visited Bakin Pertin Memorial School in Pasighat. The visit was an eye-opener for me. As a student of private school, I never experienced sitting around unpainted walls. Neither did I see a makeshift thatched house as classroom. And when I asked the children as what do they know about a library, there was pin drop silence in the room. Their school did not own a library.”

“I went to the school with a different expectation; definitely not what I witness. The sordid scenes saddened me and I felt an urge to do something for these 200 amazing kids. I then announced of setting up a library in the school. The announcement brought a smile on their faces,” further recalls Oyi.

“The children were thrilled. They were ecstatic as now they were going to have a thousand stories to read in their library. That moment I realized that bringing Wall O Books to Arunachal is an important work that I have done or would have ever done,” she smiles.

Childhood Memories

Speaking about her association with books, Taki says, “As a kid I always loved being surrounded by story books. In school every day at least for once I would find my way to the library. I would sit there flipping through pages after pages filled with colourful pictures and stories woven with beautiful words.”

Eventually, the old library containing dusty racks filled with old familiar books became a safe haven for Oyi and the grumpy looking librarian became her friend who talked with his eyes alone.

Oyi adds that with time books became her best friend who gave her hope when she failed.

“I consider books as friend who always had the wisest words to give me when I was at my wit’s end. No matter how gloomy the world outside was, for me the colourful pages and smell of ink was full of hope, dreams and promises,” she quickly adds.


Till date, Wall O Books- Arunachal chapter has successfully built four libraries in three districts of Arunachal Pradesh— East Siang, Namsai and West Siang.

“We have already set up libraries in four government schools of state- Government Town Upper Primary School, Pasighat; Bakin Pertin Memorial School, Pasighat; Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Namsai; and Government PI Colony Secondary School, Aalo,” informs, Oyi, adding, “Besides, we are in talks with three more schools to build Wall O Books reading rooms.”

About WOB

Founded by Sanjukt K Saha (an IIT graduate) and Swastika Gurung (a young social entrepreneur) under a NGO—Crayons of Hope Foundation, Wall O Books aims to create largest network of libraries for children in India. (www.wallobooks.org) is a rapidly growing network of reading room and skill laboratory which is transforming the reading, thinking and expression skills of vulnerable children and connecting them with one another for better social and national integration.


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