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Thu, 19 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

5 Big Reasons to Visit Sikkim!

5 Big Reasons to Visit Sikkim!
July 20
13:19 2017

Amir Rehan

Northeast has always been a bit different with its own charm and Sikkim being a part of it is no exception. It is a perfect example of being a storybook land with its mesmerizing mountains, tranquility and the old school charm that attract people to pack their bags and head over to this stunning place. It might be a tiny sized state but it has a lot of variety to offer in many different ways.

Without wasting any time, let’s check out why you should definitely visit Sikkim. They are as per the following.

1. Hiking!

Source: www.offroadadventure.in

Hiking as an activity is one of the major attractions in Sikkim. There are various kinds of treks to suit everyone as per the level. Dzongri Trek can be tried out for the beginners as the level of difficulty isn’t that much. Moving along the trek can be a once in a lifetime experience with snow capped mountains and spectacular scenic views.

2. Wine:

Source: www.festivalsherpa.com

Sikkim has a tradition of making homemade rice beer served in Bamboo. The local wines of Sikkim are on the stronger side, which you can definitely give it a try. CAUTION! – You might find it a bit tacky in terms of taste if you happen to be a first timer. Additionally, local alcohol brands like Hit and Dansberg are a hit amongst the citizens.

3. Cleanest State:

Source: www.thelogicalindian.com

It was given the honor of the cleanest state in the country and it certainly lives up to its reputation. Plastic bags are absolutely banned here and the locals are very sensitive regarding cleanliness as most of the streets in Gangtok resemble the look of a foreign country with hardly any garbage. Wouldn’t you want to visit Sikkim after hearing such good stuffs?

4. The Food:

Source: www.scoopwhoop.com

Sikkim offers something for the foodies as well. You might have tasted momos in different parts of the country but the ones in Sikkim are absolutely GOLD! The chutneys offered with a platter of momos are of different flavors and they may range from tangy to spicy chutneys, depending upon your preference to select which one will be suitable for you to have it with the mouth watering momos.  For those who have a craving for Tibetian cuisine, Sikkim also is popular for Thukpas. It is basically a bowl full of soup noodles filled with chicken and spice. Up for it?

5. Spectacular Places:
Spectacular Places

Source: www.trekearth.com

The state of Sikkim boasts of many interesting places to check out for your eyes. The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology consist of Buddhist statues, ancient Tibetan tapestries and much more. The Himalayan Zoological Park is another such place of interest which has endangered species of snow leopard. Now, that is something that gives an adrenal rush.

Additionally, the Chhangu Lake and the Gurudongmar Lake are absolutely a sight to see with its breathtaking views.

Hopefully, these amazing reasons will bring you to Sikkim someday.


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