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Wed, 23 Jan 2019

Northeast Today

Female Fervor Against BTAD Crisis

Female Fervor Against BTAD Crisis
December 04
16:33 2014

How much does it take for people to overcome pain? How much effort is required to rebuild one broken nest? Only the one who has been through all this can answer these questions. 2012 conflict in BTAD, Assam between the Bodo community and the Bengali speaking Muslim community had left a dark scar an unforgettable experience that thousands of people had been through.
Much has been spoken and many have made attempts to support. It is amidst such a turbulent situation that the national and international Non Governmental organizations had come down to support the affected people. Many organizations came and went and many are still supporting the torn and distorted community of people who remain untouched or unattended by the mass.
The sharing of a social workers experience of being associated with the people affected by Ethnic conflict. The women whom we consider to be so mild and unworthy of understanding the complexity of life had actually been able to show a lot better understanding and maturity when it comes to rekindle the lost shelter and start over anew.

These women had been given a lot of training and awareness in the community level to start over. From giving them awareness about the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene to livelihood training to psychosocial awareness and identification of people affected by conflict and methods to handle stress.

These women had also been giving a platform to express their inner feelings with the other ladies in the community and to support their needs, these women had been asked to form groups and a monthly support cost had been given to them. After almost 15 months of monthly support being given to these women groups they have been able to stand on their feet.

The idea of these women groups was to engage themselves in utilizing their skills and ventilate their inert stress and feelings that they cannot share openly, but after months of support they have been able to not only reduce stress among themselves but also utilize their skills in income generation. The women’s groups from Kokrajhar had been able to open a quilt shop and earn a profit of approximately Rs.22,500 after the organizations support of 6500 and their own contribution of Rs. 3500.
Four months after their initial support they earned a profit of Rs. 22, 500 which they further invested by investing in the said quilt shop. Similar was the incident with the women’s groups from Dhubri. In the year 2013 these women groups had been able to sell the Traditional “Aronai” and “Gamusa” in the local market and contributed towards their family’s economic support.
While the men were busy running around to make their needs met these women silently worked within the four walls and managed not only their daily chores but also managed to strengthen their family financial condition. Women being considered as an object of physical pleasure and bound to follow the norms of the society, not allowed to be part of the social gathering or why even bother to seek any suggestion for the family matters leave aside the village matters.

But one must not forget that women are that powerful creation who are able to do any possible thing one can imagine. Women can not only bear the pain of giving birth to a child, but they can also be ferociously strong and fight battles. In a country where women like Jhansi ki Rani- Rani Laximibai, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla are born in the same country we have women who are brutally forced to sell themselves, who are raped, forced child marriage and the examples can go on. From a social worker and women’s point of view the only thing that thought lingers in my mind is how long will the rights of women be suppressed, how much more time is needed to consider Women as a “Women”, a human being, a person equally talented as men, a being who also deserves to express oneself freely. It’s high time for the society to open their eyes and treat everybody equally.

Written By Karishma Sharma
Social Worker and Freelance writer


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