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Mon, 23 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

Folk-Techno Jugalbandi

Folk-Techno Jugalbandi
July 21
16:08 2017

June Edition, Music, NET Bureau, Arastah Jannat Islam

He is a young musician who believes in quality. An ardent fan of folk music, he is a person full of positivity. He believes in performing and lets his music do all the talking. He is Pranjali Medhi whose Shonaai Rupaai has made the music enthusiasts across Assam gaze him in awe. Northeast Today caught up with this budding musical genius over a cup. Excerpts…

Given the fact that he was born into a family of sportspersons where his father and brother were both cricketers and brother a former Ranji player, Pranjal too started off with sports. His mother was more inclined towards music and this may have given birth to the musician in him. In fact, Pranjal credits his mother for the musical gene that he carries.

“Whatever musical gene is present in me, it comes from my mother,” he says flashing his most winning smile.

Adhesion with Music

Music got into him right during his childhood days while he was still in Goalpara. Then, he and his friends used to wander along the banks of the Brahmaputra and from somewhere in the middle of the river the distant faint voice of some boatmen singing folk songs would float into his ears.

“Those were the moments when the love for music, especially folk music, actually filled my subconscious mind,” recollects Pranjal.

“Back then, I never realized that music was gradually getting installed in me and it is only now that I realize how deeply those moments influenced me,” the young musician further says adding that today he dreams of bringing as many folk styled music as possible to the mainstream music.

Making of Shonaai Rupaai

Shonaai Rupaai is based on Goalpariya folk music and Jhumur and fused with modern techno. For the song Pranjal approached eminent litterateur and lyricist Padma Shri Eli Ahmed, who penned down the lyrics. She even helped Pranjal work on the nuances of Goalpariya dialect for that authentic feel. The song is fresh and a beautiful treat for the ears of music lovers.

“Traditional music with a popular modern twist is all that is necessary to draw the mass towards such indigenous music,” says Pranjal, further adding, “Fusing folk with modern techno sound helps greatly in spreading the music of the soil far and wide. Not only our local community, but people belonging to other communities also take notice of the music and give a patient listening.”

With the aim of bringing out folk music from the interiors of the state to the forefront, Pranjal aims to make trips to the interiors.

Shonaai Rupaai

Musical rendition of Dashavatar

Pranjal Medhi’s romance with folk and traditional music is old and it can be understood with the musical rendition of Dashavatar- the words of which have been taken from Srimanta Sankardev’s timeless collection of poetical works ‘Kirtan Ghoxa’.

“Behind Dashavatar, there is another genius Writam Changkakoti,” says Pranjal while sharing the story behind the making of the song.

Influenced from granny’s story from the Kirtan Ghoxa, Pranjal and Writam came up with this single and it became popular among the music lovers. The motive behind the song was to spread religious concepts among the youths musically and accordingly the composition was made to cater to the tastes of the youth. Dashavatar became a hit among the new generation.

Journey so far

Pranjal’s musical journey began from a very early age, but the professional journey (as mostly call it) began after he won Jhankar- a musical reality show. The victory brought his musical talent into the notice of a broader audience and his journey went on to Mumbai. And along the journey he went on to sing songs on several languages apart from Assamese.

On being asked to point a milestone in his career so far, the young musical wizard said, “For me there’s nothing called milestone to measure your work. It is more based on how positively a listener or audience is going to relate to the work. Whichever part the audience loves becomes a milestone. So it depends completely on the people to decide milestone.”

Of course he has a long way to go and there can never be a measuring scale for good work, agreed!

Daksha:Band And Bond

Pointing out the Daksha tattooed on his arm, he says, “Daksha is very special.”

Sharing details, he said, that four friends who used to hang out and jam together formed the band. Their first album was named ‘Voice for Change’. Though they play different genres of music, the entire lot is basically lovers of rock music. The band members include- Himangshu Borah, Simanta Chowdhury, Dishankan Barua, and Pranjal Medhi. They are soon coming up with their second production later this year.

Last Few Words

Pranjal Medhi’ sincerest effort lies in making quality music, rather than quantity.

“Each one of us will have to take the responsibility for contributing positively towards the society,” he says, adding, “Before I jump into any project, I do a lot of research.”

“There are a lot of talented people with strong visions. We need more producers as most of these visions die a sad death due to the lack of financial support. There are ways of earning revenues through online streaming of videos and people should make use of it,” Pranjal concluded, not before thanking one and all who are associated with him and also those who are involved in the making of Shonaai Rupaai.

“Kadambari Kashyap, Pritishna, Priyanka, Writam, Eli aunty, thanks a ton for being with me,” he concludes.


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