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Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

‘Framework Agreement’ Recognises Sovereign Right of Nagas: NSCN-IM

‘Framework Agreement’ Recognises Sovereign Right of Nagas: NSCN-IM
October 09
13:35 2017

Rh. Raising, convenor of steering committee which is the highest decision making body of NSCN (IM), said that the “Framework Agreement recognises the sovereign right of the Nagas”.

Rh. Raising said this while speaking in the “Joint Council Meeting on Indian and Burmese Colonialism” on October 6, according to NSCM (IM). His speech was made available to media houses on Sunday evening.

According to Rh. Raising, the ‘Framework Agreement’ “has recognised the unique identity” and the history of the Nagas. “It has also recognised the territory of the Nagas by stating that Nagas are the owner of their land. It is also mutually agreed upon that integration of all Naga territories is the legitimate right of the Nagas”, he maintained.

Bringing an honourable and acceptable solution to both parties, co-existence of the two entities and share sovereignty of the two entities are mutually agreed, Rh Raising said.

“We can assure you that the ‘Framework Agreement’ will be our political wall that protects our land, our identity, our rights, our culture, our history and our future from all impending dangers of hostile raging waves roaring against the Nagas on the one hand and it will also be a strong durable bridge between India and Nagalim on the other,” the speech read.

“And that Nagas will decide their future by themselves, not by others anymore. Hebron will be the Centre of Naga politics, government, culture, civilisation and the seat of their high command”, the NSCN (IM) leader’s speech added.

According to the convenor of the steering committee, the era of building the infrastructures of a social system for creation of a positive social environment, scientific education system for production of generations of scientists in different fields, material and spiritual developments of our land and people, building industries for massive productions, marketing, trade and commerce for generation of revenues and others for making our country a land of peace and progress and a society of higher order has come.

“It is now the time of building the damaged psychology of our people; it is the time of building relationship with our neighbours, it is the time of reconciliation with India, it is the time to go to the house of the Lord and praise and worship the Creator of Nagalim,” Rh. Raising added.

The NSCN (IM) leader continued that the “waves of Indian and Burmese colonialism in Nagalim have been covertly or overtly wrecking the land, the mind and the culture of the Nagas without ceasing”. The Indian and the Burmese states have already established their political out posts in Nagalim in the guise of development and security threat, Rh. Raising added.

According to Rh. Raising, the forces of colonialism are rampant everywhere in Nagalim. “They are: the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, the Nepalese from Nepal, the Kukis from Burmese Chin state, the Chakmas from Chittagong hills, Bangladesh, tea gardeners from Bihar and Odisha and various business communities from Indian sub-continent. If we do not take strong political and legal steps to check them today, our children will face insurmountable problem from them tomorrow,” the NSCN (IM) leader added.

According to the NSCN (IM) leader, “Indianisation of Nagalim through import voters” from Indian mainland by the Naga politicians is a matter to be viewed seriously. He added that “status and money-monger politicians don’t care for the future of their people”.

Rh. Raising also said that “colonization of Nagalim” through Indian political parties is another established policy of the government of India. “The Nagas of Congress party, BJP party or other parties are consciously or unconsciously the agents of Indian colonial policy. Hypnotized or drunk with the deception of tempting political bait of the enemies they become advocates for the wrong cause of the aggressors. It is so because all Indian political parties are Delhi oriented which always stands diametrically opposed to the concept of Naga nation,” he added.

“We hope all the rational Nagas understand the reality that the Nagas are now placed in a safe and secure position by the Framework Agreement,” the convenor of the highest decision making body of NSCN (IM) added.

-Newmai News Network


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