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Has No Intention to Defend MRK Pillai: Nagaland CM

Has No Intention to Defend MRK Pillai: Nagaland CM
June 16
14:59 2017

Shürhozelie Liezietsu, Chief Minister of Nagaland on Thursday, cleared that the government has no intention of defending the case of MRK Pillai, the retired Additional Superintendent of Police, asserting that they would instead allow the law to take its own course of action.

Liezietsu further elaborated to media personnel that he possessed no knowledge of Pillai’s activities and frankly asserted that he did not wish to defend such cases, though if required, an enquiry would be initiated. He further iterated that Pillai’s services had already been terminated by the department. This comes following interstate raids conducted by the IT Department at Pillai’s establishments and amidst investigations into the huge unaccounted assets that were uncovered during the raids. “The decision has been made, which will be conveyed to the government and government will issue the order,” said Doungel, who also mentioned that over the years the consultancy contract had been renewed from “time to time”.

To certain queries as to why Pillai was retained for such length in the department, Dr. Liezietsu responded by saying that he wasn’t aware of the happenings in the police department, despite his position in the ministry when Pillai was reappointed as Consultant. On asking Home Minister, Y. Patton, he replied that the matter would be discussed upon his arrival in Kohima as he was currently out of station.


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