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Tue, 19 Jun 2018

Northeast Today

Headline Hunters from Arunachal

Headline Hunters from Arunachal
June 27
15:07 2017

June Edition, Statewide Arunachal, NET Bureau

For Arunachal Pradesh, the month of May has been all about women making and grabbing the headlines. Two of the state’s favorite daughters- Anshu Jamsenpa and Chum Darang- have not only brought laurels to the state but also created history in their respective fields.

Anshu Jamsenpa

She is a mother of two and achampion mountaineer and world’s first mountaineer to scale the Mount Everest twice in five days. She is also the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest for a record fifth time. Her tales of glory and success stand as an epitome of inspiration, not just for the Indians but for the world as whole. She hails from Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh.

Twice in five days

To achieve success in life, the most important thing that one requires is thorough preparation and no matter whosoever he or she is- whether a champion of a particular field or a rookie, preparation is the key and Anshu Jamsenpa too prepared hard for achieving her world record feat.


Speaking at length about her expedition, the champion mountaineer said that she prepared for 38 days for her Mount Everest climb. She unfurled the Indian flag at Mount Everest for the fourth time on May 16, and became first Indian woman to do so. 118 hours and 15 minutes later she ascended world’s highest mountain for the second time (in five days) and set the record for a double ascent in a single season.

Past records

The double ascent this season was not the first time for Jamsenpa as she had achieved the feat earlier in 2011 as well. She had scaled the 29,029 feet peak twice in 10 days between May 12 and 21 in 2011. Her third successful attempt was on May 18 two years later in 2013.

Few words from the champ

According to Anshu, she always feels that there lies an emotional attachment with the Everest.

“When I go high up, I rediscover myself and I realize the strength of my mind,” she says.

Future goals

After achieving the double ascend, Anshu has now set a new goal and that is to summit Kangto- the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh, which is 7,042 metres (23,103 feet) tall and has never been climbed.

Moreover, she also aims to climb several unclimbed peaks as well. “People are telling me to take on the so-called seven summits, the highest peaks on the seven continents. But before that I want to climb other virgin peaks in the Himalayas,” says Anshu.

Chum Darang

Head strong, optimistic and hardworking girl from Arunachal, Chum Darang has mesmerized the world with her beauty and managed to bring the first International crown for the state. Chum has recently become the 5th runner- up in Miss Asia World 2017 and won the ‘Miss Internet’ title.

During a conversation with NET, Chum shares, “Miss Asia World 2017 was my first international pageant, where I fulfilled my dream of representing my state, country in an international pageant.”

Chum was earlier the winner of Miss Earth India Air 2016 and Miss Tiara International 2017.

Further speaking about experience in Miss Asia World she says, “The experience was delightful. It taught me that to get ready for events, you have to be self-reliant, self-supporting, self-standing, in short, you have to be at your best and take care of yourself being independent.”

Miss Internet

“Besides, during the pageant I have made many good friends, learned to go places on my own, and various other things,” she adds. Chum describes the fashion sense of Northeasterners as boundless.

“People in Northeast are boundless and have a gifted knowledge of fashion. What it is or how it could work and stuffs like that,” she shares.

However, regarding the fashion industry she says, “The fashion industry is yet to take an anchored turn, I believe, by the interest of so many people, the industry is going to flourish soon.”

Chum got her first major break came in the year 2010.

“In 2010, I took part at a district level beauty pageant where I was the winner. The most wonderful thing that happened was, I got a car as a prize, my parents were so proud, they still have that car with them. My father sold his old car and started using the winning car and this gives me immense joy,” she relishes.

Chum believes that things are possible only if you are a dedicated individual.

“I come from a very small town, but I never set boundaries to my dreams because no dream is ever too big that you can’t achieve and that’s the sole reason I am living my dream today,” she says.

She further advices young generations to set a dream, build a strong determination and keep moving forward.

“There will be many people criticizing you for your choice of path but once you achieve what you were seeking for, there will be well-wishers around,” Chum quickly adds on.

“Success won’t come your way easily. I have failed many times too before winning a title. Persistence is required and then you will see yourself transforming into a winner, slowly but definitely,” Chum says urging the youngsters to stick to their dreams.


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