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Wed, 08 Apr 2020

Northeast Today


March 26
22:57 2020

NET Bureau


Health and administrative officials today once again reiterated the need to practice self-imposed quarantine in order to ensure that there is no breakout of the COVID-19 in the state.

Speaking to reporters here at the Civil Secretariat, COVID-19 state nodal officer, Dr L Jampa said that there were several misconceptions regarding the disease which needed to be clarified.

Giving a presentation on the disease, Dr Jampa said that many people returning to the state may be carrying the virus since the incubation period is between two days to two weeks.

“Many of those coming back maybe travelling within that period but not show symptoms. The thermal screening being done only shows if the person has a fever or not. People must follow containment methods for two-three weeks,” he said.

Jampa said that it was important to follow social distancing measures and maintain hygiene. He also said that wearing masks is necessary for those showing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and having difficulty breathing.

He also informed 66 quarantine facilities with 2,273 beds have been identified across the state. However, he did point towards the challenges in maintaining quarantine facilities which require a 24-hour staff including security to look after inmates.

There are currently 41 rooms in two quarantine facilities in the Capital Complex- at the Bharat Scouts & Guide and Hotel Donyi Polo Ashok.

So far, six samples collected from the state have been tested negative and three more were sent today.

He also tried to allay fears about the disease, stating that its fatality rate is low at 4 to 6 percent, and that it is mainly the elderly who are at most risk.

Speaking about the state-wide lockdown and its subsequent impact on the market, Capital Complex deputy commissioner Komkar Dulom said that essential services are to remain open and have told vendors to not hike prices of goods.

“If there are instances of price-hike that are reported to us, we will cross-check,” he said.

Dulom said that petrol stations have been closed because people were not following instructions on social distancing and had lined up to fill their vehicles.

He also informed that action will be taken against those who are indulging in spreading of rumours and fake news regarding the spread of the disease.



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