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Sat, 28 Mar 2020

Northeast Today

Importance Of Drinking Water During Winter

Importance Of Drinking Water During Winter
February 10
12:39 2020

Bhaben Choudhury

Winter takes place in different time zones throughout the globe. The season brings chilly vibes and a rather enchanting biodiversity. The season is one where we feel the cool breezes and the winter wears find it out of our closets. One must, however, have to stay in a healthy state in order to enjoy the beautiful season.

Even though winter is a season which provides us with different pleasurable experiences, yet it is the season where different kinds of health issues come up. In such a scenario the immune system of a person needs to be proper and competent enough to tackle the health issues. Water, here, plays an important role. There are different reasons why water is a significant fluid which one must take regularly in order to tackle health issues.

1. Tackle Winter Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most widespread issues among today’s youth. While it is easier to notice the problem of dehydration during summer, it is not the same in the season of winter. During the summer season, one understands that the issue of the hydration is taking effect by symptoms such as sweating and the feel of exhaustion. In winter, however, a person is not always in a state to notice the symptoms of dehydration as the person does not sweat much and they are less in a position of taking rest.
Water is highly important because the regular consumption of water would tackle the problem of dehydration. Regular consumption of water will keep the blood circulation proper and normal, thereby resisting the problem of dehydration in the body of the human being.

2. Better Skin

It is a known fact that winter season is the reason behind chap skins. The dryness in the winter season takes its toll upon the skin of a person. There are different kinds of creams and lotions to tackle the problem of chapped and dry skins, but for the long run, it is both expensive and the effects may also wear off.

The consumption of water can be of significant amount of help from the respect of skin issues. Consumption of water helps in the maintenance of proper skin and it also improve the skin of the person, making water a beneficial fluid in multiple terms.

3. Strengthening the Immune System

The most obvious aspect of winter brings the idea of health issues in a person. There are many people who find themselves in a position of being sick for the most period of the winter season. Not everyone is capable of tackling the health problems which comes with winter season. Here is where water plays a vital role.

Water plays a significant role in building the immune system and making it stronger during winter season. The problems of winter is juxtaposed with the firmness of the immune system, and with the consumption of water, the latter surpasses. The consumption of water makes the immune system stronger, thereby enabling the person to enjoy the beautiful season and not catching cold or fever in the process.

Water is regarded as a mandatory fluid which is a necessity in life. It acts as a medicine and there are humongous numbers of health issues which can be tackled by it, irrespective of any circumstances. Therefore, in order to enjoy the winter season with least amount of problems, one should consume water regularly.

Dr. Bhaben Choudhury, is an ENT specialist and Managing Director of Sanjevani Hospital, Guwahati


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