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Tue, 22 Oct 2019

Northeast Today

Independence Day boycotted in Manipur hill districts

Independence Day boycotted in Manipur hill districts
August 13
11:57 2019

Kaybie Chongloi

Two non-SoO militant groups, the Kuki National Front-Nehlun (KNF-N) and Socialist Democratic Front of Kukiland (SDKF) have declared boycotted the India Independence Day in the hill districts of Manipur.

The Kuki National Front (KNF-N) declares to boycott the Independence Day Celebration 2019 in the Hill districts of Manipur to be commence from the evening of August 14 till the dusk of August 15 with an aim to wake up the Central Govt. from forgetting the Kuki forefather’s contributions towards India Independence movement and to let the Central Government know their attitude toward the Kukis which they alleged the Government has ignored the legitimate birth right of the Kukis for creation of Kukiland since time immemorial.

Why frame work agreement after creation of Nagaland? The left behind issue that the Central Government has to take up is Kukiland, said a press communiqué issued by the outfit.

The outfit Information and Publicity Secretary, Gou alias Kuki said that we are not against peace rather against the frame work agreement as it will results in chaos and hatred among the dwellers of the state while adding that KNF-N will carry out with our might and strength in boycotting India Independence day until we achieve our goal for which urge all the CSOs and any other organization to support us.

The outfit also warns the general public to stay away from highways and roads on August 15.

Another non-SoO Kuki militant Socialist Democratic Front of Kukiland (SDFK) while highlighting its unwavering stance on its demand for Kuki state has also decided to boycott India’s Independence Day and appeal to the peoples to observe total shutdown on August 15.

The outfit Information and Publicity Secretary, S. Kuki said that Socialist Democratic Front of Kukiland (SDFK) is an organization formed on March 1, 2018 to campaign for the realization of full-fledged state of Kukiland in India stating that since 1760, the Kukis had been fighting for their inherited right for over 160 years and had defended their ancestral land even against the mighty British, which was later recorded in the colonial documents as the “Anglo-Kuki War” while the same was widely spread amongst the academic communities.

While appealing to the nations of the world to acknowledge the legitimate demand for Kukiland and recognize it as a “Sovereign State” (Chamlhat gam) with democratic ideal and principles, it also said that (Grierson, GA (1904) ‘Linguistic Survey of India,’ Vol 111, Part 111) and ‘The Encyclopedia Britannica” (1962, Vol xiii, pp511) records the Kukis inhabited both sides of the mountains dividing Assam and Bengal from Burma, South of the Namtaleik River.

It said that Grierson (1904) also marks out the territories inhabited by the Kuki tribes extend from the Naga Hills in the north down into the Sandoway District of Burma in the south, from Myittha River in the east and almost to the Bay of Bengal in the west. It is almost entirely filled up by hills and mountain ridges, separated by deep valleys. The elevation of the highest point increases towards the east, from about 3,000 feet in the Garo Hills to 8,000 and 9,000 in the region of Manipur. This chain merges, in the east into the spurs, from which the Himalayas shoot out from the north of Assam towards the south. From here, a great mass of mountain ridges starts southwards, enclosing the alluvial valley of Manipur, and thence spreads out westward to the South of Sylhet. It then runs almost due north and south, with cross-ridges of smaller elevation, through the districts known as Chin Hills, Lushai Hills, Hill Tipperah, and Chittagong Hill Tracts. South, the mountainous region continues, through the Arakan Hill Tracts, and the Arakan Yoma, until it finally sinks into the sea at Cape Negrais while the total length of the range being some seven hundred miles.

It further said that Kukiland, as recorded by Dr. George Abraham Grierson, Superintendent of the Department of Linguistic Survey of India (1904), was illegally occupied and siege till date by the trilateral countries i.e. India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and imprisoned its sovereign (Chamlhat) nature since the end of the WW-II.

The outfit also said that in this lies our God-given land, the land of the Kukis inhabited from time immemorial by our forefathers and the SDFK will leave no stone unturned to regain our rightful Kukiland.



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