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‘It is Duty of Panchayats to Ensure that Sikkimese People Should Reap Benefits’

‘It is Duty of Panchayats to Ensure that Sikkimese People Should Reap Benefits’
July 16
12:01 2017

As part of the Gram Swaraj Abhyan, Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling interacted with the Panchayats, Pippons and Public of North Sikkim at Zilla Bhawan Mangan on Saturday.

Addressing the meeting the chief minister said that the grants, schemes and infrastructure facilities provided by the Government should increase the productivity and income of the people. He said since the basic minimum needs has now been fulfilled the Government will give livelihood based productive schemes in the 2018 Janta Mela.

He said that the Government has focused on sustainable development and opportunities which can benefit countless generations of Sikkimese has been created. It is the duty of the Panchayats to ensure that Sikkimese people should reap the benefits. He said that Rupees 2000 crore worth projects are being implemented all over Sikkim.

During the meeting the Chief Minister made several important announcements

1. Exposure tour to Pippons of lachen and lachung to Switzerland, so as to prepare a model tourism development plan for lachen and lachung which shares similar local governance ,landscape topography and climatic conditions like Switzerland. Various facets of tourism in Switzerland will be studied by the Pippons and similar ideas will be taken up for development of the region.
2. Nine affected villages under Teesta Urja ( Teesta Stage III ) Power Project will be adopted .
3. Teesta Urja Power Project (Teesta Stage III) which is a State owned undertaking will setup 1mega watt micro hydro plant using the still-way water of the dam. The revenue generated from selling this 1megawatt worth of power will be wholly dedicated to the local area development of the nine affected villages.
4. In Chungthang a Mega tourism project will be undertaken modeled similar to the lines of waterfront development at Singapore. It will be undertaken in the reservoir area of the Teesta Urja Power Plant (Teesta stage III) and will have a hanging garden, boating facility and entertainment plazas.
5. All Sikkim Subject and COI holders who were employed during the construction phase of Teesta Urja Power Project will be given regular employment in State Government, Power department.
6. Tourisim projects in Salim Pakel, Chungthang and Singhik.
7. Janta Mela for monks and urban areas would be held after 15 days.

He also asserted that all the works and projects put forward by the Panchayats and public of North Sikkim will be taken under topmost priority. After the Panchayat meeting he met with the public of all the three constituency Lachen Mangan, Kabi and Dzongu constituency individually and heard their appeals and demands.

He also talked on life skills stated that “success is never achieved by copying, one has to solve his life exams himself and the teachers parents have to prepare their child to pass not only school certificate exams but also the test life puts forward”.


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