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Wed, 19 Jun 2019

Northeast Today

Keep Calm, be a Nisaomai Gangsta’

Keep Calm, be a Nisaomai Gangsta’
January 24
14:28 2018

December Edition, Fashion, NET Bureau, Shrabani Barman

College dropouts, Minakshi Barman and Jaydeep Barman, started a street-wear clothing line, Nisaomai, catering to the ‘urban’ fashionistas. Going against the societal norms and creating something for the zeal of entrepreneurship, they consider themselves as ‘society dropouts’. Talking to Northeast Today, Minakshi tells more about the brand and the collections.

NET: How did you start your business?

Minakshi - Have you been so low in your life that you drink your sorrows away and feel like there’s nothing left? It’s like a sad song that keeps playing in a loop, a disease that never goes away! That’s what Nisaomai is, my rough patches shaped into tangible products. Nisaomai is not a business for us but more like a life-project. After selling a thousand customised MP Laid t-shirts, Jaydeep and I founded our next venture known as Nisaomai E-commerce Limited Liability Partnership in late 2016. As Jaydeep is crazy about fast cars, we worked with Porsche 911 and launched a “not sorry if I crash you” collection. We love applying ideas into real- time situations. We love doing things fast, fast production, fast decisions and fast out of stock.

Jaydeep                                                                Jaydeep Barman

NET: Inspiration behind your business?

Minakshi -As I have already mentioned, the greatest inspiration has been my own darkest of days. Every thought and every emotion that makes me feel in a certain way results in the design and the colours. It’s a way of expression. I love how our customers, whom we consider as ‘Nisaomai Gangsta’, understand and accept this crazy concept. Alobo Naga (pop/rock singer), Jantee Hazarika (1st runner- up of India’s Next Top Model), Nishant Hagjer (drummer Undying Inc/underside) and all my Nisaomai Gangsta would never have worn our products if I hadn’t felt that way.

NET: What products do you offer?

Minakshi -We have t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, raglan T-shirts and lounge pants. Soon we will be introducing phone cases, tote bag, backpacks and some winter stuff. Stay tuned people!

Minakshi                                                 Minakshi Barman

NET: On Instagram, Nisaomai appears to be very open with feelings. I have seen your posts like ‘I hate nisaomai’. How personal is that stuff to you?

Minakshi - There was a time when people started hating us for no reason. That’s when we came up with the concept of ‘I hate nisaomai’. Now that all our lovers and supporters bought ‘I hate nisaomai’ tees, I wonder what those haters would say- ‘I love nisaomai’?!! Negative plus negative equals to positive! Mathematically proven, you know (laughs).


NET: How can you relate your products and your community?

Minakshi – Nisaomai is for crazily weird people. The name itself has two meanings in Dimasa- “Our dreams” in Dimasa and we are following our dreams through this project. We welcome all rebellious, misunderstood, eccentric, the lost and the forgotten people with most beautiful soul to your gang Nisaomai.

(Photo Courtesy: Nisaomai)


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