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Tue, 25 Sep 2018

Northeast Today

Kirameki: Taking Assam Across Nation

Kirameki: Taking Assam Across Nation
April 24
13:23 2017

March Edition, Fashion, NET Bureau, Sayantani Deb

Fashion designer Nandini Baruva puts together her range of sustainable creations and shares her experience of the Lakme Fashion Week 2017.

What could be more joyful, than representing the rich natural resources of your state at prestigious Lakme Fashion Week. Nandini Baruva, a fashion designer from Assam has recently done it through her sustainable creations which are primarily woven from pineapple, banana fabric and most importantly, indigenous Eri silk, which is also known as Ahimsa silk.

Part 2

Nandini, is a Guwahati based fashion designer and owns the label Kirameki. Her collection Bhumisattava, is a story which resonates the sound of Taat Xaal.

Speaking to Northeast Today, she says, “My design inspiration revolves around the small weaving hamlets of our state, hand woven tales of natural fibers which are woven into natural and organic fabrics.”

Nandini always make sure that the weaver gets their due as they are unsung heros. In this regard, she is also planning to do a show where after the collection gets over, the weavers will be called for giving their due limelight. “For me it is very important that whatever I make it is sustainable, sustainable for me for the wearer and for the weavers,” Nandini adds.

Part 1

She describes herself as an organic person. While designing the collection, she uses hand weaving and hand embroidery methods. “Traditional Assamese motifs which dates back to the Ahom dynasty is depicted through weaving and block printing. Besides, Xinghap and Gas buta are primary motifs of her collection,” the designer informs.

This time in Lakme fashion week, Nandini puts together her entire range of products, “For me, it’s not just the clothing; it is also what you carry with yourself, like accessories, bags, shoes etc.”

Assam Tradition

Sharing her experience on representing Assam and its indigenous products in the Lakme Fashion week, Nandini says, “This was my show and I must say the experience was awesome. Also, I learnt a number of things such as the market are very competitive, although it is a healthy competition. It is very inspiring. Besides, it opens a lot of doors where you can think taking your brand across, so that it can be accepted in a wider range.”

Nandini promotes natural fabrics and dyes in the Indo-western collection. Besides, she uses natural raw materials to design co-ordinate shoes and handbags.


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