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Sat, 24 Aug 2019

Northeast Today

KSO Breaks Silence over Manipur’s School Arson, says People who know the Truth must come Forward

KSO Breaks Silence over Manipur’s School Arson, says People who know the Truth must come Forward
May 03
13:12 2019

NET Bureau

Kaybie Chongloi


Breaking its silence over the arson of St. Joseph Hr. Sec. School, Sugnu in Manipur on the fateful night of April 25, the Kuki Students’ Organization Gunpi who has been accused of the crime, break its silence over the issue and come up with a clarification over the accusation upon them from various angles.


“The KSO Gunpi Block is blatantly accused of the crime by everyone but the fact is that the accusation hurled at us is conceived by some vested interest group and a conspiracy to malign the image of KSO and therefore, we outrightly deny the involvement of KSO Gunpi Block in the burning down of the school while we strongly condemned the incident”, it said.


It also said that it is a fact that the KSO Gunpi Block had taken a decision to close down the school solely with an attempt to save the career of six young students, who have been placed under suspension by the school authority while adding that we have no other alternative but the decision to close down the school so as to bring the school authority at the negotiation table after our repeated appealed to Father Dominic for the same were disregarded.


As a Catholic Christian school, the Principal should have cared for the six students who could have wandered away said the student body while giving a reference of the Bible based on Matthew 18:12-13 which says, “If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost? And if he finds it, I tell you the truth, he will rejoice it over more than over the ninety-nine that did not wander away”.


“We, as student’s leaders, had done our best to fight for the six students and we have no regrets over it, for what we had done was to save the career of the wander away students”, it added.


Narrating and clarifying over the episodes of the incidents, KSO Gunpi Block said that on the first day of school closure, the KSO Gunpi Block executives went to the school and found that people have assembled at the school to protest KSO Gunpi Block’s action. We felt it as a challenge to KSO’s authority and were bent on defending KSO’s prestige. So in order to ensure that the school is closed we accidentally used unwise and regrettable words which hurt and angered the sentiment of the people, and also unintentional words which could wrongly incriminated us in the crime. However, at the end of the day, the school authority relents to hold a discussion with us to solve the belligerent situation.


At 4:30 pm on that particular day, we had a meeting with the Parish Pastoral Council at our office in which we mutually agreed to solve all the problems and accordingly we decided to have a final meeting the day after at 10:00 am that would solve all our issues and dispersed the meeting at 7:00 pm and we headed back to our respective place.


But at around 9:40 pm it was heard that the school building was on fire. So, some of the executives had gone to help douse the fire and the save the building but the mob gathered there had begun to abuse and accused us of setting the building on fire while some persons who wielded daos and sticks even chased and threatened us to kill, so we fled from scene fearing the mob culture that is prevalent in our society today.


The student body asked as to why would they would commit an act of arson after taking all the troubles of reconciling with the school authority and when all the issues were to be finally settled the next day? Why should they have taken the trouble of trying to save the school building if they were the one who had set the building on fire? What discernible proofs did the JAC possess to directly accuse them of the arson? The JAC claimed to know the persons who had set the fire but why did they hesitate to disclose their names in public? Is it not prudent to question the JAC members on the real identity of the people who had burnt down the school?


While clarifying that KSO Gunpi Block is completely innocent of burning down the school, it said that we feel hurt when such a wild allegation has been thrown against us and the JAC looks as if it was formed with intent to instigate the gullible public against KSO while adding that it would be in the mutual interest of both parties if the JAC stops arbitrary allegation towards KSO Gunpi Block.


It further said that the police have arrested two of our members and have been in their custody for the last five days and they can be proven guilty by now if the duo are really involved in the crime and added that is it not reasonable that the two executives be released unconditionally and immediately as they are not guilty of the act of arson.


It also said that as it is learnt that the circumstantial evidence, human evidence and material evidences collected directly point to involvement of KSO Gunpi Block in the arson, despite of our non involvement, our surrender to the authority is unwise as we are being pronounced guilty before proven guilty while adding that we are prepared to give ourselves into the investigating authority but we are evading arrest so that truth can be told and revealed in due course of time.


The student body urges the police to find out the real culprits who had set the school on fire and the others behind it while stating that it will require the cooperation of the people of the area to reveal the lies and secrets that are hidden for truth to prevail the people who knows and hides the truth must come forward.


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