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Thu, 19 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

Kukis Observe Black Day in Manipur

Kukis Observe Black Day in Manipur
September 14
11:06 2017

By Kaybie Chongloi

The entire Kuki dominated areas in Manipur was donned with black on Wednesday demanding justice to 905 innocent Kuki villagers killed in the alleged coordinated attacked launched by NSCN-IM.

It is also a marked of mourning and commemorating the victims apart from displaying their discontentment of not delivering justice as a bonafide citizens of India on the part of Manipur Government and Government of India despite more than 60 memoranda to the Governments seeking justice during the 24 years.

The Kukis in Manipur declared 13 September as Kuki Black Day, which according to the Kuki traditional and customary believe is known as Sahnit Ni, for maximum number of Kukis, i.e. 104 Kukis out of the 905 killed were brutally slaughtered at different places in a single day in the coordinated attacked of NSCN-IM and the first Sahnit Ni was observed in 1993 at Tribal Market, New Lambulane in the capital city, Imphal.

Since then, the Kukis continued to observe 13 September as Sahnit Ni (Kuki Black Day) not only in Manipur but across the world allegedly for not delivering justice to the innocent victims despite the Government of India and Manipur failure to protect its citizens from the criminal hands of Th. Muivah led NSCN-IM and pledged to continue the observation till justice prevail.

On 13 September every year, the Kukis in their respective dominated areas in Manipur hoisted black flag in their respective house while donning themselves with black cloth attire with a traditional piece and every vehicles more particularly of the Kuki community were attached with small black flag apart from closing all business establishments in the Kuki dominated areas.

“The NSCN-IM could not answer as to why they have slaughtered more than 905 innocent Kukis, uprooted more than 360 Kuki villages and displaced more than one lakhs Kukis and similarly the Government of India could not respond to the more than 60 memoranda seeking justice for the victims till now”, said Dr. Satkai Chongloi, General Secretary, Kuki Organization for Human Rights, who is also Semang of the Kuki Inpi, the apex body of the Kukis.

He recalled while speaking at a similar occasion in Singat area today that on December 10, 1948 UN General Assembly made Universal Declaration of Human Rights containing 30 Articles and many other countries including India accepted, pledged and signed on the declaration to protect the Human Rights in their respective governance.

“Despite its pledged to protect Human Rights in the country, India failed to protect its 905 innocent Kuki lives, 360 villages and more than 1 lakh of its Kuki people from the evil hands of NSCN-IM and also failed to respond on the more than 60 memoranda over the issue apart from failing to deliver justice to the innocent victims who are the bonafide citizen of India”, asserted Dr. Satkai Chongloi.

He also asked as to why the Government is still silent over the atrocities and violation of Human Rights by the Th. Muivah led NSCN-IM even after he was expelled from the UN for his atrocities and violation of Human Rights while vehemently condemning the hostility, atrocities and violation of Human Rights by the NSCN-IM.

He continued that inspite of more than 60 memoranda to judge the merciless act and violation of Human Rights by NSCN-IM under the leadership of Th. Muivah, the Government of India initiated political talk with the NSCN-IM and looks as if willing to give the NSCN-IM demands which visibly signify that the attacked on the innocent Kukis by the NSCN-IM was carried out in coordination with the Government of India.

“The inhumane and atrocities of Th. Muivah reflected the brutality of Hitler during his regime towards the Jews and the massacre of 905 Kukis will be remember as of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in the Indian History when the Kukis political issue has been solved”, asserted Dino, KNO/ZDV President in his speech during the observation of Black Day at Kangpokpi DHQs.

UPF Convenor, Aaron Kipgen, who is also the General Secretary of KNF, the mother organization of the Kuki UGs, now an entity of the Tripartite Political Dialogue with the state and centre Government said that prior to the British invasion, the Kukis live under its own administration under the chieftainship and were too strong that the mighty British fought them for three years which was recorded as the ‘Kuki Rebellion 1917-1919’ or the Kuki War of Independence in the British record till today.

He continued that the battle was fought at Laijang in Manipur which is now known as Tamenglong dominated by the Nagas and it was the policy to wipe out the Kukis historical facts that the NSCN-IM in its ethnic cleansing killed so many Kukis and uprooted their villages from Laijang, now Tamenglong while similar policy had also been initiated at different parts of Kuki dominated places in Ukhrul and Senapati district in Manipur which is why the NSCN-IM under the leadership of Th. Muivah slaughtered so many innocent Kukis, uprooted their villages and displaced them in various other districts of the state.

“It was also the Government who suppressed the Kukis considering their stubbornness and power when they unite by applying the British policy of divide and rule which is why they failed to protect them under the atrocities of NSCN-IM rather it [the Government] disintegrated the Kukis so as to witnessed the present disunity among them[the Kukis]”, averred Aaron Kipgen during his speech on Kuki Black Day and its significance on the Kuki political movement at Kangpokpi DHQs while observing the Kuki Black Day.

The UPF Convener further said that the Government itself should now initiate new policy for the Kukis for their survival and preservation of almost loss culture, identity and secure justice to the victims, affected villages and displaced innocent Kukis during the coordinated attacked of the NSCN-IM.

KNO/KLA President, L. Jacob recalled many incidents of the NSCN-IM brutality towards the innocent Kukis including rape of the helpless Kuki women, butchering of innocent children and hacking of men, etc. while adding that the Nagas will be definitely curse for the inhumane act of Th. Muivah led NSCN-IM sooner or later.

Kuki Students’ Organization Sadar Hills President, Thangminlen Kipgen said that Sahnit Ni [Kuki Black Day] is a very unfortunate day but by observing Sahnit Ni, it does not in any sense mean to ignite communal hatred as we have no bad intention on any communities, yet we feel it is a moral obligation for every Kukis to observe and remember our innocent brethren who died protecting their lands.

Recalling the brutality and alleged highest form of atrocious act on the part of NSCN-IM, Kipgen said that in a single day on 13 September, 1993 the heartless NSCN-IM killed 70 villagers of Joupi village, 11 villagers of Gelnal villages, 6 villagers of Santing village, 5 villagers of Nungthut village and 12 villagers of Janglenphai village apart from their merciless act upon many other innocent Kukis incuding women and children numbering a total of 905 Kukis killed in separate incidents.

“This inhumane act in total violation of human rights and negating all ethical concern conducted under the leadership of Th. Muivah by NSCN-IM since 1992 is highly condemned”, asserted KSO president while wondering that as to why the state Government as well as the centre Government could find a basis to discuss the matter or condemned.

He further asked as to why the state and centre Government is afraid of the NSCN-IM who had committed such an inhumane act against the human rights and the Constitution of India so much that they are unable to address their criminal act.

The KSO President, then asked the Governments to look into the human rights violations before 24 years back by the NSCN-IM if they considered the Kuki community are also their citizens.

A mass prayer for the victim’s family and seeking justice to be delivered upon the victims marked the solemn observation of Kuki Black Day. Traffic flow along the Trans Asian Highway No. 1 and in many others National and state Highways was disrupted for few hours following the restriction of vehicular movement during the observation by the KSO.

Another memorandum was also submitted again by the Kuki Inpi and its constituents unit to the Prime Minister of India seeking justice to the victim’s of NSCN-IM atrocities.


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