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Tue, 28 Jan 2020

Northeast Today

Lady Midday: Touch of Elegance

Lady Midday: Touch of Elegance
July 18
16:33 2019

This 5-piece collective has been able to carve a niche for itself and has created gentle ripples across the region with its unique sound. With sheer magnificence the band is on a mission to galvanize the hearts of every music lover and up the ante of the stature of music in the region. Kaushik Deori of Northeast Today talks to the extraordinary quintet of Lady Midday to learn about their thoughts and future plans.


KD: At the onset, please tell us why the name “Lady Midday”?
LM: There’s really no deep meaning behind the name. We are all a fan of horror movies and urban legends so when we were looking for a band name, we came across the name “Lady Midday”, who actually is a female field spirit from Slavic mythology. This name struck us the most, so we decided to name the band after it.

KD: Run us through the genesis of the band and the band members.
LM: Lady Midday was formed by our singer Himon Choudhury and our drummer Boris Pegu back in 2014. Shortly after, Riaz Ahmed and Hirak Jyoti Kalita joined the band on guitar duties and finally the line-up was completed by the addition of bassist Adnan Ahmed.



KD: Your latest track “Curtains not yet down” and its video is creating ripples across the musical fraternity. What’s the motif behind the song and the video?
LM: The motif behind the song “Curtains Not Yet Down” is mainly about second chances, getting back up when life knocks you down, not giving up on your dreams and most importantly believing in them.
Coming to the music video, there were a lot of talks about how we wanted to do it. Eventually after putting a lot of thought into it, we decided to go the lyrical route. We wanted to feature our fellow musicians, friends, lovers and everyone near and dear to us who wholeheartedly supported us in making of this video. We can’t thank you enough.

KD: Which artists and genres form your individual influences?
There are so many. Where do we even begin? It may sound cheesy, but we just make music that we like ourselves, otherwise what’s the point. We’d say, keep making the music you like. Some of it will go one direction, some will go another, and on and on. Maybe the best you can hope for is to lump all the similar items together.


KD: The changing landscape of music consumption has widened the horizon for indie bands and artists to showcase their prowess. What do you guys think about it?
LM: We think there will be an explosion of genre blending and experimentation of music with diverse influences because of how easy it is to learn about different music with the Internet. Streaming will continue to grow as a way of consumption/distribution. So this is just the right time for up and coming bands to release original music and start using the Internet as a tool for promoting/distributing the music wisely.


KD: The journey of a band/musician is not always hunky-dory. What are the hardships and obstacles the band has faced in its course thus far?
LM: We think it’s fair to say that the hardest thing about being a musician is not the same for all musicians. But we think the first real struggle that every musician/bands go through is actually forming the band. It is very hard to find like-minded musicians with similar taste and interest in music. We strongly believe sometimes you also need a bit of luck in getting the people you actually want to create music with. Of course there are many other hardships we went through, but when you love music and enjoy it, nothing can stop you.


KD: Share with us about the bands major gigs and experiences.
LM: One of our most memorable experience as a band was to play at the very prestigious Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Meghalaya. We also loved playing at Ranasack, Auxesis at Dibrugarh University. One of the best crowds we ever had till date. Also not to forget our very first show in Guwahati at Metropolis 2015’s Battle of the Bands where we grabbed the Runners Up position with the individual prize for Best Vocalist.

KD: What is that one thing that you guys would like to change/amend with regard to the Music scene of Northeast region?
LM: Right now the Northeast Music scene is growing rapidly. A lot of bands are coming up with original music, releasing music videos, etc. and for sure this needs to continue for a band to come to the limelight. More gigs should be taking place for bands to showcase their music and people should turn up in numbers to support the artist. You can find bands from all genres of music in Northeast. So the support and platform for the bands need to increase.


KD: On to a deeper, more sensitive topic: Many globally acclaimed stalwarts like John Lennon and Michael Jackson are regarded as prodigies in their own right for their contribution to the world of music, but on a humane level they are known as misogynist, sex offender, and sadist for the treatment towards minors/opposite sex. As musicians yourselves, on the conundrum of “Separating the art from the artist”, how far do you think it is possible? What are your individual stands on the matter?
LM: We think it’s important for everyone to know you can enjoy art and also be critical of it too. You don’t need to feel guilty about sincerely enjoying something you love. But everyone should know that if there’s something inherently problematic about the content creators then you have to acknowledge their misconducts. There is a certain responsibility of liking stuff, especially when you find out the sketchy people behind it. Our standards for holding people accountable should be firm. You can agree with people who have done really terrible stuff, especially about art. But you can also condone and critique their actions as well.


Video link: Lady Midday – Curtains Not Yet Down (Official Music Video)


KD: What’s in the pipeline for Lady Midday? What are your long term and short term plans?
LM: We are currently in the studio recording our songs for our upcoming EP. We are working with Kangkan Deuri of Sound Therapy Productions, who also worked on our latest release “Curtains Not Yet Down”. We plan to release the EP by early 2020 and hopefully a new music video this fall.




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