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Sun, 22 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

Manipur’s Roona Begum in Imphal for Treatment

Manipur’s Roona Begum in Imphal for Treatment
August 13
11:29 2017

By Kaybie Chongloi

The poor Manipur’s Roona Begum, Seiminsang alias Mimin Kipgen all the way from the border village of India and Myanmar, Govajang finally reached the state capital, Imphal on Monday, August 7 after travelling almost 113 Km. looking for a ‘Miracle’ for his survival with a miniature and faltering sanguinity.

The little boy, whose head swell to a circumference of 70 centimeters (27 inches) owing to a potentially fatal condition, Hydrocephalus, similar with the Tripura born Roona Begum had undergone the first surgery on August 8 morning at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) at Imphal.

Son of a daily wage earner, Mimin rare condition made headlines on August 5 in the state and the following days in various National headlines and draw wide attention globally.

With the financial help of Rs. 20,000/- from Genhison WhatsApp Group, the poor family decided to bring the little boy at the state Capital on August 7. Moreh Primary Health Centre staffs also went to the village to fetch the boy to the state capital as directed by the higher authority on the same day. They met on the way and the health department personnel took the boy and his parents and reached Imphal on that evening.

Disappointed with the late attention, the poor boy mother, Nengneithem Kipgen declined the approached of the state Health Department saying that it was the Moreh Primary Health Centre she first approached for his treatment who crushed all her hope for his son survival.

“I declined the attention of the health department when we met on the way and told the Doctor who came to fetch my son that if you happened to pay such attention when I first approach you in the initial stage of his condition, he will not be in this condition now”, she said as responding to the health staffs.

However, the Moreh PHC staffs took us by all means saying that it is the direction from the higher authority that we should not declined, the poor mother continued while adding that we reached Imphal in the afternoon on the same day.

She further said that Mimin was then admitted at JNIMS where investigation and various test were conducted the same afternoon and late in the evening we were informed that surgery will be done the next morning which make me lightheaded and could not take any decision at the moment.

“Weary and exhausted, I informed my husband who stayed back at home with four of Mimin siblings and discussed the matter but we could decided what to do”, she said while adding that we also informed the Kuki Students’ Organization and other relatives who stand by us at the hospital.

The surgery was, however, conducted the next morning on August 8 at RIMS Hospital but to the surprised of many, without the consent signature of the poor little boy mother, which was confirmed by boy mother when asked, that she did not signed on any paper for the surgery nor did the concerned authority approach me for the same.
Poor little Mimin was operated at his head on the left side and his abdomen on the right side. He just could not stay normally even for a few minute and seems very afraid if he does not hold a person hands or hear voice of his mother or anyone.

Looking her child murmuring on his bed holding her fingers, little Mimin mother Nengneithem Kipgen said it is very hard to bear his grievances but I still hope a ‘Miracle’ could happen as everyone loves him while adding that till now we only manage with the help and financial assistance from generous people.

She also said that God and the people who took responsibility upon him will decide for his future and I really appreciated and thanks the people who stood by us in such critical condition.

Many doubt the urgency of surgery while KSO expressed its displeased over the poor medical services rendered to the poor little Mimin who is shifted to the Post Operation Ward where he stay together with around 10 other post surgery patients with such a complicated case.

Apart from the alleged poor medical services, KSO also conveyed its disappointment to the state media stating that no news or story of the poor little boy was seen carried in the local newspapers or electronic media till today even nearly a week after he was brought to the state Capital.

While the world is paying attention to the poor little boy, the state Health Minister is also yet to visit the Manipur’s Roona Begum at his hospital bed and no other responsible leaders including the state media give due importance to the border village boy.

Referring the boy to a reputed hospital outside the state most preferably the Fortis Hospital, Gurgoan, New Delhi who had treated Tripura-born Roona Begum with similar condition, will be a wise and appropriate step to make a ‘Miracle’ happen for poor boy with financial assistance from state Government.

Tripura-born Roona Begum received the blessing of Fortis Foundation after she was discovered when she is 18 months old and the medical treatment after 18 months help her a lot and the Fortis Hospital is also almost success in its mission to correct the swelling head of the poor little girl.

Dr. Sandeep Vaisya of Fortis Hospital, Gurgoan, New Delhi will be the right person to treat poor little Mimin as he has already been well experience upon Roona Begum and it will a big challenge for him if the Fortis Foundation could help once again the poor Manipur’s Roona Begum, Mimin Kipgen, said KSO leader.

The state Government could have also approach the Fortis Foundation for treatment of the poor boy free of cost at their Hospital considering the deplorable condition of the family as it [Fortis Foundation] now remain the only hope for the poor family to see ‘Miracle’ upon the little boy.

Humble donation drive has begun as early as when the poor boy hit headlines on August 5 morning on the part of various NGOs, WhatsApp Groups, including the Kuki Students’ Organization-Imphal Branch opening donation drive at Kuki Inn, Imphal while Help People In Need keenly initiate a fund drive for the poor boy.

Thanks to the generosity of such humble and kind people that the little boy medical expense, except the surgery charge, at the Government Hospital JNIMS and RIMS could be meted out till today even though the Hospital authority assured for re-imbursement of the medical expenses in future.


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