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Tue, 07 Apr 2020

Northeast Today

Meet Roshni, A Beauty that Illuminates the Soul

Meet Roshni, A Beauty that Illuminates the Soul
April 20
11:31 2019

Intro: Winning the title of Miss Arunachal 2019, Roshni Dada is all set to join the league of successful beauties. In an interview with Chirasmrita Devi, Roshni tells more about her life, career and goals.



Roshni Dada


NET: Tell us about yourself, your origins, study life, family etc.

Roshni: I’m just a straightforward usual girl but when it comes to achieving my goals, I’m very passionate and dedicated towards my goal. Currently, I’m a student of 2nd year B. Sc-Nursing in North East Nursing College of Health Science (NENCHS), Nirjuli. Basically, I’m from Seppa, East Kameng District but was born and brought up in a very small yet very beautiful place called Kalaktang (i.e., in West Kameng District). We are a family of 7 including my parent, we are 5 sisters and I am the second youngest of my siblings.


NET: Was becoming Miss Arunachal something you had anticipated or was it a surprise to you?

Roshni: This was my very first time participating in any kind of beauty pageant and I’m the kind of person who doesn’t expect anything from anyone. So No, I didn’t anticipate that I would win this coveted title of Miss Arunachal. For me, this pageant was never about winning but it was about learning new things, exploring myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to be the better me.


NET: How has been your journey so far?

Roshni: My journey so far has been surreal. I have learned many things throughout my journey till now. It has taught me things like self confidence, discipline, punctuality, responsibility and patience. Most importantly, I have made lots of friends, beautiful girls from all over Arunachal. We have understood so much about each other’s roots, culture and tradition. It has made me feel the strength of our state as in “unity-in-diversity.”


NET: Why did you enter into the pageant circuit?

Roshni: I was not a ‘beauty pageant’ kind of girl. But when I learnt that beauty pageants give women of different culture and ethnicity from all over the world, an opportunity to showcase not just their beauty, but also, their personality, potentials and intelligence, I had to participate. I believe it gives us the platform where we can raise our voice and where people listen to what we women have to say. In other words, it empowers women. Ever since my early teenage years, I have always wanted to work on social issues and yes, I have done my contributions in modest sums. But, I needed a voice, a voice that could be heard by thousands.  I participated in Miss Arunachal 2019 because of that, and I think, winning the coveted crown has given me that voice. I will use this voice to raise questions against corruptions, against sexual harassments, against child molestations and against everything that is making our beautiful state the garbage it is becoming. I’m lucky I belong to a beautiful and peace loving state but soon it will change. We should all act and unite together right now. We better act now before it gets worst.


Also, I would like to add that, despite me being a lover of college education, I see a future in pageant world too.      Winning Miss Arunachal has already set for me a different destiny, I believe.


NET: Outside of pageants, what is your style?

Roshni: Being simple, and at the same time, being creative is my style. That’s why I love gardening, scrap-booking, love making home decors and love spending time on DIY of clothes.


NET:What is your advice to all those budding fashion models out there?

Roshni: I don’t have much idea on fashion models but I really would like to tell them to be confident, be you and don’t waste your life living someone else’s life. Always believe in yourself, because in order to be the best, you have to think you are the best. You can achieve anything you desire, if you can just believe in yourself.


NET: What are you future plans?

Roshni: For me, education is important as much as winning Miss Arunachal was. So, I will continue my studies in B. Sc.–Nursing and as a title holder, I will try my level best to serve my people and to make my state proud.


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