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Tue, 21 Jan 2020

Northeast Today

Mima village commemorates 75 years of embracing Christianity

Mima village commemorates 75 years of embracing Christianity
December 05
15:41 2019

NET Bureau

A traditional stone-pulling ceremony in Mima village of the Southern Angami region today saw a massive crowd of more than 2000 people including the village community, neighbouring villages, dignitaries and tourists witnessing the occasion.

The stone-pulling ceremony commemorates the village’s 75 years of embracing Christianity to symbolises forgiveness, friendship, peace and reconciliation to the enmities that the village had before the coming of the gospel to the village.

The large slab of stone which was quarried from a village hill side in the western Angami region is believed to weigh about 10000 kgs was 21 ft tall with a breath measuring 3.5 ft and 4ft wide, a Gaon Bura told the paper.

Although significant in the past, traditional stone pulling ceremonies have been made more prominent and illustrous for tourist attraction.

In a typical form of traditional stone-pulling with men en masse dressed in traditional attire, the stone slab tied sturdily with vine and bamboo ropes was dragged from the village gate and was placed at the village ground.

The Gaonburas manned the head of the rope pulling end and middle of the possession.

Women folk participated in serving the men folks and visitors and guests with rice tea prepared from a variety of sticky rice grown in the village.

A brief history read out described the village as “an Angami native popularly known for its rare and distinct traditional underground Apiculture and declared as “The Honey Village” producing one of the best quality honey in the country.”
Mima village is nestled in the bosom of Mt. Japfu, located about 16kms south of Kohima.

It also stated that the Village “has produced many brave sons of the Naga nation making it known for setting up the first “Safeguard” camp and being one of the first martyrs in the Naga freedom movement, for which it has also suffered and endured many untold miseries.”

The village was burnt down to ashes on l7 April 1957 and raided several times scattering its people over and over again.

Yet it stood the test of time and chose to rise again as its people were determined to live as one, with integrity and uphold the truth given to them through the Gospel. Like any other Naga village, it fought with many surrounding villages in the old head-hunting days. Since time immemorial, it was known for its brave and fearless warriors and the many tales associated with them, it said.

The rich tradition of feast of merit, stone pulling ceremonies, countless Spirit Stones/monoliths and their tales which are still preserved in and around the village have been passed down from generation to generation.

It is also a remembrance to the pioneers of faith to show that their sacrifices have not gone in vain.
The stone pulling ceremony was also attended by Union Minister of state for tourism & art & culture (IC) Prahlad Singh Patel along with Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and other ministers during the occasion.

Pastor Kho-o Pfukha CRC delivered the welcome address, and greetings was delivered by Christian Union Mima Kho-o Lese and invocation by senior pastor Zhasalie Ngukha MBC.

The ceremony concluded with a grand feast in the village.

Source: The Morung Express


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