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Sun, 21 Apr 2019

Northeast Today

‘Mission China is a Project, Not Just a Movie’

‘Mission China is a Project, Not Just a Movie’
September 15
18:05 2017

NET Bureau, ParthaPrawal

Zubeen Garg directed Mission China, which was released across Assam and in some theatres outside the state on September 8 last, has already created and broken several records in Jollywood. Apart from being the costliest Assamese movie of all-time, the movie has also made record breaking collections all over.For those who are in love with Assamese movies, Mission China has brought in a gust of fresh air.

“Most of the Assamese films of the previous years are slow paced. Apart from showing a normal village society with some rural-life scenes, the movies had very little in the name of dynamics. And this monotony gradually took the audience away from Assamese movies- irrespective how strong the story or the performances were. But Mission China is very different. The movie is fast-paced and the scenes are shot beautifully in various picturesque locations of the Northeast. People have loved this change,” says Sivasagar’sHrishikeshDuarah- a movie buff and an upcoming shutterbug.

“Locations in the movie are very beautiful and this, I am confident, will carry a positive message to the rest of Indians. Those who have not visited the region yet, I think, will be pulled towards the region. This movie will certainly boosthe tourism sector of the Northeast,” he adds on.

Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika, proprietor of Sivasagar’sBhaskarjyoti Cinema, while speaking to Northeast Today confessed that in the seven years of existence of the theatre, the response that Mission China has received is second to none.

“The hall was established by my father in 2010. That year Ramdhenu was released and the movie was super hit. The audience’s response was good and I thought that Ramdhenu will bring in a change and hoped that the next Assamese movies to follow will do good business. But…,” Hazarika recalls.

Zubeen Garg                                                           Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika

Adding further, he says, “But with Mission China I have witnessed a change. In seven years of its existence, Bhaskarjyoti Cinema has never witnessed a full house on the first-day-first-show. But so far, almost every show of Mission China has witnessed a full house.”

“Moreover, as Mission China is not that long, we arranged for an extra show on September 9 and September 10 at 8 pm and both the shows were house-full. Seeing the success, we have decided to continue with the additional shows,” added Hazarika.

It is worth mentioning here that as a mark of respect towards Zubeen Garg and his team, Bhaskarjyoti Hazarika and a band of other movie buffs have come together to make a 40-feet cut-out of Zubeen Garg- which interestingly is the tallest movie poster in any formof an Assamese movie. The cut-out has also been a hit among the cine goers.

NabajitBarpatragohain, a Sivasagar-based cultural activist, says, “The trend that JouboneyAmoni Kore, Hiya Diya Niya etc. brought in Assam, Mission China has not just replicated it but in fact the craze has gone even further. The movie has brought in a change and I am sure this change is here to stay. I am pretty sure from now on; more and more people will throng the halls to watch Assamese movies.”

Senior photo journalist ManashJyoti Dutta, who had bought tickets worth more than Rs 10000 on the first three days, while interacting with Northeast Today, says, “Mission China is not just a movie but it is a project- a project to pull audience back to the theatres to watch Assamese movies.When people contacted me and expressed their will to watch the movie, I helped them by paying for their tickets.”

Zubeen Garg2

Dutta is the first person to have bought tickets for the movie on September 1 at Bhaskarjyoti Cinemas- the first hall in Assam to have issued tickets in advance.

“The movie may not be perfect, but aren’t there loopholes in the biggest Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters? Assamese film industry is one of the oldest in the country, but now we are fighting for existence. One guy-Zubeen Garg- has taken the onus to revive this dying industry and I feel that as a fellow Assamese I too have a responsibility. Urging people to visit the halls, paying for someone else’s tickets etc. I feel is a small contribution on my part in the revolution that Zubeen Garg has tried to bring in. Simply chanting his name will not do, but we need to stand in solidarity with him and do our part; irrespective of its stature,” adds the seasoned photo journalist.

He further said that with Mission China, one thing has become evident that the promotion of a film is one of the biggest factors in making a movie successful.

“This movie is certainly a benchmark. When the industry was going through its lowest low, several filmmakers did make some wonderful movies, but due to the lack of promotion these movies did not fare well. Mission China has shown us the way and now it is up to us to follow the path. ZubeenGarg has done his part, the ball now is in our court,” concludes Dutta.


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