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Sat, 23 Jun 2018

Northeast Today

More Hydrocephalus Cases Discovered in Manipur

More Hydrocephalus Cases Discovered in Manipur
September 04
11:23 2017

By Kaybie Chongloi

Following the recently discovery of Manipur’s Roona Begum from the border village of India and Myanmar, Govajang village on August 4, more similar cases of Hydrocephalus has been discovered particularly among the Kuki community in Manipur.

Barely a month after Manipur’s Roona Begum, Seiminsang alias Mimin Kipgen was brought to the capital city, Imphal for treatment, another similar case of Hydrocephalus has been reported from Tujang Waichong Sub Division in Kangpokpi District and Henglep Sub Division in Churachandpur District respectively.

The only child of a poor farmer from Tujang Waichong in Kangpokpi District, Manipur identified as Haosanglen Kipgen, who is fondly known as Malsom Kipgen has been suffering the rare condition right from inside his mother womb.

Ngamminthang Kipgen and Lhingneichin Kipgen, the impoverished parents of Malsom Kipgen have been reeling under extreme hardships even before their first son step out from his mother womb as he have been established suffering the potentially fatal disease, hydrocephalus when his mother underwent her last Ultrasound Test in mid August, 2016 ahead of her caesarean delivery on September 6, 2016.

The happiness, excitement and hope of the poor parents to welcome their new and first born baby had been ravaged when they came known about their infant suffering the fatal disease. However, they gathered courage and welcome him with a mixture of sad and joy but unsurpassed love and sympathy at City Hospital, Imphal on September 6 evening.

The jobless parent misery swelled day by day with the swelling of their son’s head which increase upto more than 70 centimeter and their anxiety had been doubled when their only son underwent the first surgery barely after 15 days of his birth at Raj Medicity, Imphal.

The head circumference of poor Malsom Kipgen tremendously decreased from 70 centimeters to 22 centimeters after three surgeries in a short interval of time but owing to extreme financial shortage the poor boy medical treatment could not be sustained and his head started to swell again and it swelled upto 55 centimeter again.

Recalling her suffering and helplessness poor Malsom mother, Lhingneichin Kipgen said, “I was completely loss in the world of apprehension but my love towards him [her son] could not let me down and gathered all courage and rolled up my sleeves and do whatever I can for my little son”.

She continued that the medical treatment done so far had been with the help and assistance on the part of relatives, friends and kindhearted individuals but now we could not further sustained the treatment and remained helpless in the village.

Hydrocephalus Manipur

Tujang Waichong is located around 55 Km away from the District Headquarters Kangpokpi and around 100 Km away from the state Capital city Imphal and is the Sub Divisional Headquarters of the newly created Tujang Waichong Sub Division after the creation of Kangpokpi District on December 8, 2016.

“Earlier we were shy of making known to the world but when Manipur’s Roona Begum had been exposed by the local journalist, we have little courage to approach media that another Roona Begum is also still there undiscovered with a hope that if there could be any assistance and sympathy for us too”, lamented the poor mother wiping her tears.

Malsom could not see anything till now probably owing to his condition but his mother is extremely worried about it while having the apprehension of her only child becoming completely blind.

Another similar case but worst condition has also been reported from Henglep Sub Division in Churachandpur District barely a day after discovering Malsom from Tujang Vaichong in Kangpokpi District.

Lamgousang alias Boisang Haokip, the second son of a poor cultivator Thangboi Haokip and Lhingneilam Lamshy Haokip was born on October 23, 2013 at a Private Hospital in Churachandpur but much to their dismay the child had been established suffering Hydrocephalus when he was barely 7 months.

“Within few weeks of his birth, he cried a lot and was very weak. He also developed fever and cold and soon we observed that his head looked much bigger than before”, the boy Mother Lamshi Haokip recalled.

She also said that initially we ignored it as a common sign for babies but later he was confirmed to have suffered the potentially fatal hydrocephalus.

However, the poor parents could not access any medical help for the child even if the child head has increase abnormally large day by day and all efforts on the part of his aunt for the poor boy also remain futile.

“I have been knocking every door including District administration but nothing has been done for my little poor boy”, deeply disheartened Chinvei, the poor boy aunt said while adding that however, we just could not remain weak let him die.

Taking the bumpy road of about 50 Km. from Buongphazol village to District Headquarters Churachandpur on August 25, the impoverished parents and his aunt took Boisang Haokip to the state Capital and admitted at KCC Hospital on August 26.

The illiterate poor parents who could hardly meet their daily ends with their charcoal profession, which is the only source of their livelihood seek sympathy for a miracle to happen for their poor helpless son from kindhearted people across the globe.

Boisang Haokip head circumference is 75 centimeters. He is also blind but can still hear and feel sensations, like tickling and could sense his mother hands and others while the skin of his head has stretched so far that it pulled his eyelids over his eyes and forced his eyes to recess deep into their sockets.

Fortunately, a non-profit organization, Help People’s in Need [HELPIN] approached both the Hydrocephalus patient and expressed their willingness to help them treat outside the state in collaboration with Milaap, the India’s largest crowd funding platform.

HELPIN member, Jeffrey Hangshing said that we have started a fundraiser for poor little Boisang Haokip in the largest crow funding platform, Milaap and any kindhearted and generous person could donate for him following the link https://milaap.org/fundraisers/Boisang.

He continued that we will take both the boys with their mothers to Fortis Hospital, Gurgoan, New Delhi for giving them treatment while adding that we may possibly take off by September 5.

Meanwhile, the Kuki Students’ Organization, the apex body of the Kuki student bodies also help the poor family and conveyed its enthusiasm to support and render all possible help towards Help People’s In Need for treatment of the poor patients.


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