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Wed, 19 Sep 2018

Northeast Today

Mother Prepares to Work as Slave to Save Baby

Mother Prepares to Work as Slave to Save Baby
September 24
11:50 2017

By Kaybie Chongloi

Rich or poor, every mother love for her child is equal but will it be wrong to say that it is much painful for a poor mother who could not provide the needs of her children when she came to know only her love is not enough for them despite having the matchless love .

This is the case of a poor mother Chongpi (48), w/o Mulmu (49), who hails from a remote village of T. Lhangnomphai village, located around 2 Km. from the border town of Moreh in Manipur’s Tengnoupal District, whose little girl was born with Sacrococcygeal Teratoma Type-1 on September 3, 2017.

Going through the story one would definitely find the unconditional love and selfless sacrifice among many other qualities of a Mother which would also definitely draw many attention of love, emotion, honor, contribution, etc. to the mother who is not hesitate to become a slave for her daughter treatment.

Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is an unusual tumor that, in the newborn, is located at the base of the tailbone (coccyx). This birth defect is more common in female than in male babies. It has been categorized as Type I – Primarily external or has a minimal presacral component; Type II – Predominantly external but has a significant intrapelvic component; Type III – Predominantly intrapelvic with abdominal extension, with a small external component and Type IV – Entirely within the pelvis and abdomen.

The world turns upside down when the impoverished couple, who mainly depend on the daily earning of the husband, had a girl with such a misfortune illness to be the tenth child in the big family. But the wife still willingly affirmed even to become a slave to anybody who helps the family in treating their youngest child.

Chongpi delivered her youngest daughter Nengneithem at their residence on September 3 morning at around 5 am and found her daughter with a swelling buttock which prompt them immediately to bring her at the nearest PHC Moreh the day itself at around 10 am and later to the CHC Moreh where the child was referred to RIMS Hospital Imphal considering her horrible condition on September 13 after providing some medical treatment.

With the assistance of KSO Imphal and the PHC Moreh, they brought the girl child to RIMS Hospital, Imphal where doctors advised them to take her to JNIMS Hospital as they have no ICU facility for infant even if surgery can be done. Later, as per the advised they brought the child to JNIMS Hospital but met with the same condition.

However, doctors at JNIMS keep the child under observation and fixed for her surgery on September 28.

“I saw my daughter swelling buttock after her birth and it [the swelling portion] become reddish and started increasingly gradually which worried me a lot”, said Chongpi, the baby mother before adding that seeing my child in such condition is the most painful thing I have experience in my life.

Chongpi who delivered her other children normally said that I have never even imagine of such delivery since all my other children were born normal and doing well till today while conveying her apprehensiveness and helplessness of her daughter future.

The distress mother also said that everyone is repulsive when they see the terrible condition of my daughter and I know her condition is critical and if proper treatment is not given she has no chance of being normal while adding that we a hope of finding opportunity for her treatment we currently stay at the state capital.

“I am even ready to become a slave to anyone who helps me in my child treatment”, said Chongpi, wife of the daily laborer, Mulmu, who earn hardly Rs. 200/- per day.

She also said that except the travelling charge of Rs. 1500/- provided by the PHC Moreh, there is no assistance from the Government till today while draw the sympathy of the Government for her daughter treatment which is likely to cost more than Rs. 20 lakhs.

“No words can explain my feeling seeing her in such condition which is most painful thing on earth”, said Chongpi while conveying her wish to her daughter as normal human being.


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