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Wed, 23 Jan 2019

Northeast Today

MTV Roadies, a Life Changing Experience for Assam’s Samar

MTV Roadies, a Life Changing Experience for Assam’s Samar
August 10
16:38 2017

NET Bureau, Chirasmrita Devi

Roadies, with more than a dozen successful seasons in its bag, has been visibly able to spread its aura among the youths of India. This MTV show has almost become a ‘cult’ reality show for most of the youngsters. Right from the auditions to the final showdown, each and every season comes with some power-packed and whacky tasks along with some unpredictable twists. Assam’s Samar Sarkar was a part of this show’s latest season. Known for his incredible physical strength, Samar had been one of the popular Roadies of this season.

Sharing his experiences of being a Roadie and his exploratory journey in MTV Roadies Rising, Samar reveals more about his life and persona with Northeast Today.

That ‘I am a Roadie’ Feeling

Who wouldn’t like to have adventure as one’s travel partner? Roadies is one such platform where one gets to travel as well as experience adventure at close quarters.

“It was a life changing experience!! I feel lucky to have been a part of it. It can’t be expressed in words. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. All I can say is that the journey is a thousand times more exciting and adventurous than what you see on screen”, says the 23-year-old fitness freak.

On Being in Rannvijay’s team

Samar got the opportunity to be in Rannvijay’s team which according to him was the icing on the cake of his Roadies journey.

Rannvijay has become synonymous to Roadies. He has been a part of Roadies almost since the show was born. He is also the most followed and respected Roadie and gang member of all time

“Being in Rannvijay’s gang was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He’s like a mentor and a guardian to not only his gang members but to everyone on Roadies. He’s the most genuine person I ever know”, reveals this Konwarpuror Konwar actor.

It’s not always a ‘Herculean’ Task

The show is known for its unpredictable twists which can turn the table against or for anyone at any point. A myth follows that if one is physically strong it’s easier for him/her to win the show. Disagreeing to this myth, Samar reveals that being physically fit is no doubt an advantage but that’s not all required to win the show.

“One needs to be smart to understand the game. Only fitness won’t help you in surviving. The game is both about the mind and the body”, says Samar who also happens to be the 2nd runners up of Mega Mr. Northeast 2015.


The other side of Samar

An actor, a model, a self defense expert, an MMA trainer and of course, a Roadie now- Samar has evolved out to be a multi-talented person. On inquiring about the other shades of his palette, Samar smiles and reveals-

“Well, I love trying different things. Sometimes I think about a career in music. Just kidding!! I love to play my guitar, my keyboard and I just love singing. I am also planning to take up violin and salsa classes soon.”

Roadies in the Northeast

Among the myriad of contestants for shows like Roadies, it’s very common to find someone from the Northeast nowadays. The previous seasons of Roadies as well as Splitzvilla are evident of this fact.

As such Samar feels positive and looks forward to a show like Roadies to be made in the Northeast.

“If a show like Roadies is introduced in the Northeast, I believe it would be successful. Northeast is full of young passionate and talented people. I have seen how crazy the people of Northeast are for Roadies. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be successful”, says an excited Samar who is currently working on his YouTube channel and reading scripts alongside.

All’s well that ends well! Samar concluded by revealing that he is in “a deep and passionate relationship with his dreams!” Well that’s good news for his female fans!

Featured Image Courtesy: Ahmed Zakaria


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