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Sun, 17 Feb 2019

Northeast Today

‘My Passion Is My Inspiration’

‘My Passion Is My Inspiration’
August 28
17:30 2017

July Edition, Bookmark, NET Bureau, Partha Prawal

Known as the ‘students’ friend’ by all, Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva has several feathers to her cap. She is a novelist, a trainer of English Literature and soft skills and is also serving as an editor in a self-publishing house. In conversation with Northeast Today, she speaks about her new novel Love Remains Undefined and a lot more…

NET: Tell us something about your new novel. How has been the audience’s response?

Mousumi: Love Remains Undefined is a novel written on the lines of Post Modern Literature although not strictly sticking to the principles. We find a story within a story where the identities of the protagonists remain unveiled till the end and allowing the readers to work on multiple endings. It is a true account of two strangers meeting on a social platform, who become more than friends only to keep the end unpredictable. I am indeed happy to see a positive response although it has been just 15 days. The pre order period was amazing. A long way to go yet!

NET: Brief us a bit about your journey as a writer so far.

Mousumi: I have been writing since my school days. I still remember, my first poem was published when I was in the third standard. And the passion to write decided my journey. Since then I have been contributing to many newspapers and magazines. I have been the editor of school magazines and e-magazines and finally landed on editing books. I have been writing for two very popular newspapers of Jammu and Kashmir – Daily Excelsior and Early Times and this made my journey smoother and more determined. Prior to this novel, I have edited an anthology titled Zindagi Rewind, which is a collection of stories and poems by seventeen authors and seventeen poets including me. I am a poet by nature and write for many national and international blogs. And the journey continues never to end till I become motionless…

NET: What inspires you to write? Have there been any influences?

Mousumi: My passion is my inspiration. Since my childhood, the pen used to invite me every time at the cost of studying for exams too. I love to speak in verse rather than in normal words. The world around me, the truth I see, the emotions I feel can best be expressed only through written words. I could find no one since my childhood to express my feelings or emotions or whatever I loved and detested. This vacuity inspired me to pen down my heart’s desires and the mind followed the heart.

NET: How difficult is it for you as an individual to not get influenced by your own writings as you write two different stories or separate characters?

Mousumi: It is indeed difficult to keep aside myself and wear the characters’ shoes. Many a times I could see myself as a character narrating my own tale. But, I had to justify the characters’ roles as it is a true story and I could not bring in much fiction. Of course, the style, language and expressions had to be mine. And the toughest part was to put a story within a story without letting the flow spoil. And the best time was to sit alone quietly at the late hours till morning 4 to take the role of the characters. It was as if I being ‘Monjolika’!

NET: How would you rate the contemporary English writing scenario of India?

Mousumi:Now, this is a question which would invite many criticisms on my say. Contemporary Indian English writing is at danger. We have crowds of writers producing bulk of books thus letting a good book disappear amidst this bulk. Money makes everything possible. Even the field of language and literature could not escape the game of money. I have recently read many books by the present day Indian English writers with horrifying language errors. So, who decides what to publish and what not? Who decides what to read and what not? A beautiful face is approached with high pay to promote a book today rather than a book reading session or verses related to the book. Young readers fall prey to the models who promote a book with pouts thus degrading the taste of literature.

NET: As a writer, do you think the NE has not been explored much when writing in English or translation from regional languages to English is considered?

Mousumi:Yes absolutely. And even if written, these books have never reached the public. NE region has the best pictures to be expressed in words. And believe me, one has to dare to explore and write. Many books are written in the regional languages, which fail to reach other states or maximum number of readers. There must be an effort to translate the books so that they reach everyone and everywhere.

NET: What is/are your future plans?

Mousumi: Plans are more and future is yet to see me. I am writing my next book which is again very unique and never heard tale. It is true and extremely complicated as listening to just one character and creating a novel out of it is challenging as it has many stories within one story. Love Remains Undefined would be a movie soon. The story is selected by a South Indian movie director. I am also working on another movie project with him. Let’s see what is awaited for me!

NET: Any message for our readers

Mousumi: My only words for the readers of Northeast Today would be ‘Read more and more so that you can decide what is right and the best for you. Spend more on books than on junks’.I must thank North East Today for their efforts in promoting the writers and spreading an awareness of the existing new books and thus encouraging the young and the old to read.


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