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NEHU Teachers Demands Resignation of Vice Chancellor

NEHU Teachers Demands Resignation of Vice Chancellor
June 17
12:14 2017

The North Eastern Hill University Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA) in continuation of its ongoing protest against the alleged misrepresentation of facts organized a demonstration on Friday in front of the office of the Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.K. Srivastava and calling for his immediate resignation.

“Ignoring the serious case of defrauding minutes of statutory bodies, the Vice-Chancellor disappeared from the office. Even after misinforming Government of India and misleading the Ministry of Human resources’ Development (MHRD) of an unconstitutional and procedurally wrong decision about stoppage of Hill Area Special Allowance (HASA), the Vice-Chancellor could not yet correct the whole conundrum of misrepresentations,” NEHUTA president, Professor XP Mao stated in this regard.

At this, the NEHUTA after a general assembly held on Friday afternoon decided to reassert that continuation of Prof. S.K. Srivastava in the position of VC has permanently undermined the dignity and prestige of the premier university like NEHU.

In continuation of NEHUTA’s call for non-cooperation, it asked for an explanation from the VC as to why such serious manipulation and acts of misleading the office of the Visitor is not to be considered a fit case for initiation of proceedings under law. The NEHUTA stated that it expected a response from the VC in a week’s time so that ‘gross acts of violation of statutory provisions to the detriment of the employees of the university’ could be redeemed in a manner of restoring propriety.

In its assembly on Friday, the NEHUTA cautioned that a premier university cannot become a ‘kingdom of lies’.

“The NEHUTA pledges that it will do the rightful in upholding the highest standards of public morality by making an example out of VC’s white lies and will carry out a democratic path of struggle by uniting every member of the university community. Hence the NEHUTA, in upholding the highest standards of public morality categorically demands that the VC should immediately resign, as he has lost all moral and legal rights to continue in the office,” Mao said.

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