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Sat, 29 Feb 2020

Northeast Today

NPCC slams state BJP chief’s stand on CAA

NPCC slams state BJP chief’s stand on CAA
January 26
11:48 2020

NET Bureau

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has criticized the statements of BJP Nagaland president Temjen Imna Along in supporting Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

In a statement, Communications department of Congress reiterated that Along was wrong to assert that Nagaland was a Sixth Schedule state. Congress said it only exposed Along’s ignorance and also eagerness “indulge in talking without ascertaining facts” which was “unbecoming of a person holding high position in party as well as in the State government”.

Congress said “half truths and whole lies had become the hallmark of BJP to force its divisive agenda on the people” and said the ruling party at the Centre politicised CAA by making religion as the basis for citizenship and striking at the very idea of a liberal and pluralistic India.

NPCC accused BJP of giving false assurances that ILP safeguarded Nagaland from CAA. It said the same assurance was made to J&K political leaders that Article 370 will not be touched. However, it said 48 hours prior to revocation on August 5, 2019 all these political leaders of J&K were placed under detention.

Congress pointed out that despite ILP being in force in Nagaland for several decades, it has not been able to check influx of illegal immigrants. Thus, it said the fallout of CAA and NRC in neighbouring Assam and other parts of the country will surely open the floodgates for these immigrants-turned citizens to quietly settle among the tribal population.

Congress said Article 371A places Nagaland as the most safeguarded state in the Indian union after Article 370 was abrogated in J&K. It said Article 371A cannot be BJP’s exclusive commitment to people of Nagaland since the Article was inserted in the Indian constitution long before BJP was formed.

Therefore, the attempt of the BJP to “twist facts” spoke about their desperation to appropriate the achievements of others as they(BJP) did not exist to contribute towards nation building.

Congress said the participation of college and university students who came to the forefront against CAA was heartening. The party said it augured well that the young generation were well informed and were not going to tolerate the complicity of those in power who are ready to sacrifice the interest of the people of Nagaland “just to hold on to their chairs.”

Further, Congress said “The silence of different Naga groups and Civil Society organizations on CAA is indeed baffling and shocking” and termed it unfortunate that Nagas were being “led up the garden path” by BJP to prevent anti-CAA protests.

Congress said Nagas needed to be reminded that CAA would be followed by Uniform Civil Code(UCC) which would bring a majoritarian agenda for conformity and uniformity and which could “act as the final solution to the Naga political aspirations.”

The party said unless people raise their voices at this juncture, their silence would only embolden BJP and RSS to keep Nagas divided and impose their way of life on the people and which would sound the “death knell for our much proclaimed ‘unique Naga history.”

Source: Nagaland Post


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