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Sun, 16 Jun 2019

Northeast Today

One Child Can Change the World …What About Your Child?

One Child Can Change the World …What About Your Child?
April 05
11:44 2018

There are numerous examples of people who have changed this world through their right actions or examples. While some have mobilised millions for a good cause, others have moved us simply by their hopeful view of humanity.

For instance, Kalpana Chawla, the first female Indian astronaut to fly into space. Her undying contribution to the empowerment of the women in our country can never truly be forgotten.And this is the place where the collective support of family comes through. Kalpana’s parents were liberal in a largelyconservativesociety and constantly urged her to follow through with her passion for subjects that were considered unbefitting for a girl of her age. Gaining a degree in aerospace engineering, joining NASA, creating technology and code– all these fell in place becauseher family supported her.

Similarly, your child may have unlimited potential, and passion to change the world,but are you prepared? Here are some tips to support your child in their future endeavours:

  1. Encourage Reading and Experiencing

Encourage your child to read powerful books and imbibe useful life lessons. Remember, reading isn’t the only about language and literacy development.The stories and powerful thoughts portrayed through such books are great activities for early literacy skills – and your kid will probably have a lot of fun at the same time.

Along with reading, encourage your children to experience things. Make them watch the news or buy a magazine that talks about the refugee crisis and what you can do to save the planet. Make them more educated, by usingthe time to learn. Enrich their conversations and ask them to surround themselves with people that encourage their personal growth and development.

  1. Support the Efforts Rather than the Results

Children need to be reminded that the process of working toward a goal is just as important as reaching the goal. Your child may need to try several different strategies before successfully completing a task. You must acknowledgethose efforts to boost his/her self-confidence. This will motivate him/herto keep trying hard and look for effective strategies to overcome challenges.

Effort-based praise such as “I am so impressed at how hard you worked on your school/college project” is more empowering than “Wow, you’re good at projects!”

  1. Always be Prepared for the Unexpected

Unforeseen situations do not come with an invitation. Hence it is very important to have a plan you can rely on. Child investment plans can be of much use if you are planning to secure your child’s future against any contingencies. As, in the case of any unforeseen and unfortunate event, the claim amount will be received by your child and can be utilised for his needs such as education and marriage (these plans come with death benefit as well as maturity benefit).

Suchchild investment plans act as the financial guard for your child’s future. You can now choose the best child education plan for your child by comparing different products offered by various insurance companies.

  1. Teach Your Kids About Money

With rising costs of everything- household needs, education, healthcare, it has never been more critical for kids to learn about money management. So, make your primary responsibilities to prepare yourchildren for a life of independence.

Explain them the fundamentals of saving and smarter spending. Advocatethe importance of increasing one’s financial intelligence. Discuss with your teenage kids about financial independence, financial literacy, and building wealth through investments.

  1. Let them Explore Different Skills

It is ok if your child does not want to be a doctor, or an engineer, or an IPS officer. Every child is naturally gifted in something, let them explore that talent. They may not excel in studies, but in art, sports or something else. All these can be pursued as professions too.

So, if your child aspires to become a choreographer or a singer, nurture his/her talent.If he/she wishes to be a marine biologist or wants to start a home for elderly, show full support in such decisions. In fact, you must effectively guide your children in theprofessions they choose.


For a child to achieve unimaginable heights, he needs your support at every possible stage. The key is to stay financially prepared, while you support your child emotionally and morally,

By telling your children they ‘can’ you are leaving not just a better planet for your children, but also better children for theplanet.


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