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Fri, 24 May 2019

Northeast Today

Petition for Construction of Road Failed, Improvised Villagers in Manipur Begin Building the Road by Themselves

Petition for Construction of Road Failed, Improvised Villagers in Manipur Begin Building the Road by Themselves
March 07
11:18 2019

NET Bureau, Kaybie Chongloi

S. Gelbung village is situated in the interior southern part of Manipur approximately 10 Km. from the international border (Myanmar) and it is around 70 Km. away from Churachandpur District Headquarters via Sangaikot Sub Divisional Headquarters with 250 population comprising of 45 households.


The village is still far away from modern civilization owing to the non-availability of the motorable road since the establishment of the village decades ago. The villagers depend mainly on agricultural and livestock production and the nearest motorable road from the village is Twidam village that to is not an all weathered road.


Apart from the absence of motorable road and despite of the Government tall claimed of electrifying all Indian villages, S. Gelbung no electricity, primary school and medical facility.


NET happened to meet with the village chief Seiboi Haokip along with a large number people tiredly working and when inquired came to know that the villagers has taken on the stupendous task of building road without any financial assistance from the Government.


The village Chief Seiboi Haokip said that as our petitions for road construction to the Government in the past had all gone in vain, the villagers in its annual assembly this year has unanimously resolved to connect S. Gelbung to the outside world with whatever resources the village have while adding that as such, with the poor villagers’ contribution and I as the Chief of the village contributing the bigger share have started the 8 Km. long road construction from Twidam to S. Gelbung since February 12 by hiring a JCB at the rate of Rs.1800/- per hour.


He continued that hiring a JCB doesn’t mean the villagers are financially sound rather it is a do or die mission and added that forget about carrying a bag of rice and household amenities at your back and walking miles on foot, there are times when sick villagers were carried on a local made stretcher to the district headquarters for medical attention.


“Regrettably, there had once been an incident when an ailing person died on the way to hospital carried on a stretcher due to non motorable road”, Seiboi Haokip said.


He also said that as we do not have motorable road, we have been ignored while missing many developmental programmes undertaken by the government.


For instance, electricity department had come to survey our village for electrification yet at the end obviously the officers will go back saying project failed due to non motorable road. Moreover, the geo tagging system introduced by the government in any developmental programmes is a curse for the village as no office staff would like to come to our village for the geo tag as they have to go miles on foot up and down the hill terrain and ultimately the villagers are the losers, he added.


However, with regards to the Geo Tagging, Seiboi Haokip on behalf of S. Gelbung villagers expresses my heartfelt gratitude to Zosanglur Zoute, the incumbent SDO Sangaikot for the extra concern he took to geo tag S. Gelbung village for the PMAY-G scheme by deputing his office staff with strict instruction recently for the first time.


When inquired about any financial assistance from the Government, local MLA (Singat AC) and MDC (Sangaikot DCC) for the new road construction, Seiboi Haokip said  that we have not received any financial assistance from the elected representatives or from any quarters, the construction is purely on the basis of poor villagers’ contribution and myself till date.


“We are still at the half way and we do not know when our fund will get exhausted. I wish and pray that the local MLA and MDC also assist us in whatever ways to make our dream and mission to connect S Gelbung village to the outside world a successful one”, appeals Seiboi Haokip.

When inquired about the education of their children, the weary Chief said that our children education is in a gloomy condition as even a primary school is not available in the village while a villager nearby the Chief is quick enough with his interrogative response, “How can they travel 70 Km. by foot every day which will not be possible even by vehicle only a few who can afford lodging for their children in Churachandpur DHQs send them for education”, Thangpu Haokip, a villager of S. Gelbung said.


We hope the message of S. Gelbung villagers will reach the concerned government authorities and these hardworking villagers will get the help they need. You can connect with Seiboi Haokip 9862020217, if you wish to help these brave villagers.



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