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Mon, 17 Jun 2019

Northeast Today

Rafi Chowdhury: The 24-Year-Old Who Earns Almost 6-Figures Using Virtual Assistants

Rafi Chowdhury: The 24-Year-Old Who Earns Almost 6-Figures Using Virtual Assistants
April 04
10:43 2016

“I have essentially cloned myself,” says the 24-year-old digital marketing consultant based out of the ever-innovative city of Los Angeles, California.

Rafi Chowdhury, often seen as a digital marketing guru and web analytics Expert, is, however, no ordinary consultant. As the founder of the growth-hacking agency, Chowdhury’s Digital, he works with mid-size brands to help them generate more revenue online.

But, what makes Chowdhury’s approach to online marketing interesting is that he has, in essence, “automated” the whole process and created a marketing “engine” run by…Humans.

“The trick to effective and scalable online marketing is automation and technology. If I can free up my time by using online assistants and software, then I can focus more time on strategizing and training my assistants,” says Chowdhury, who works with more than 50 virtual assistants at a time.

Chowdhury first got into the internet business space back in 2014, almost accidentally. After launching his personal website, he did not understand why more people were not visiting his site. So, he began experimenting with traffic generation strategies via social media by buying various gigs on the popular outsourcing platform, Fiverr, where it’s possible to buy a wide range of online marketing services for just $5.

“I saw these services on Fiverr being offered for literally pennies on the dollar! I thought, why not start to offer these services to local small businesses and simply up-charge them?” Chowdhury exclaims.

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Soon after figuring out this unique way to market and sell his services, Chowdhury formed his digital marketing agency (at the time in Memphis, Tennessee), and began to hire virtual assistants from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to help with many of the everyday fulfillment tasks for his clients.

“I realized that these people in India were actually really smart and very tech-savvy. The only reason they were not able to put their talents to use in the US oftentimes was because of the language barrier. So, I decided to pretty much become the middleman and handle all the communication. And my VA’s would do most of the actual work,” says Chowdhury, who often finds himself working more than 60 hours a week.

Chowdhury has since then moved to LA, and has effectively scaled and replicated this model. He is now able to go into any business and recreate his blueprint and put his “marketing engine” in action. As a result, he can not only save these brands more money by teaching them how to outsource, but they also are able to scale up their marketing efforts tremendously as a result of a larger marketing force, leveraging the help of online marketing assistants.

“It makes much more sense for a company to hire someone like me, for let’s say $90k per year, and have a marketing budget of another $50k annually for me to spend on outsourcing, than to hire a full-scale in-house online marketing team. They are looking at well over half a million bucks a year to pay the salaries of the in-house team,” explains Chowdhury when asked why companies are taking this type of approach to online marketing.

What’s even more interesting is that Chowdhury has trained his virtual assistants to do almost anything he would typically do online himself for his own personal marketing and branding.

“I have used my VA’s to do things like writing and responding to emails, content writing, replying to comments and messages on social media, data entry, web research, messaging girls on dating sites, and even calling me to remind me of scheduled events and meetings,” admits the young growth-hacking and outsourcing Expert.

For a young entrepreneur with an unswerving focus on finding a solid work-life balance, “it’s the only logical way to grow any online business and still have time left over for friends and family,” he adds. “It’s just a win-win for everyone — the virtual assistants, the companies, and of course me.”


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