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Wed, 20 Feb 2019

Northeast Today

Ragging Shames NIT Agartala

Ragging Shames NIT Agartala
May 15
15:36 2018

April Edition

Tripura’s prestigious National Institute of Technology (NIT) was in the news for all the wrong reasons when an incident of ragging where a student from Arunachal Pradesh was badly beaten-up and photographs of his bruised face surfaced on the internet. The incident has once again brought to light about the unhealthy ‘custom’ of ragging, which was termed illegal and unlawful and long back had urged the college authorities to check this menace. Kishore Talukdar digs in deeper.

The NIT Story

Dui Doji is a 17-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh, currently in his first year of engineering and studying at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Agartala. He resides in the college hostel itself. But on the intervening night of March 10 and March 11, 2018, life changed for him. The place where he went with dreams galore in heart, Dui was beaten up by his college seniors and was left unconscious.

According to eyewitnesses present at the scene of occurrence, Doji was beaten up by the seniors for he did not follow their instructions.

“On March 10 the hostel boarders were called by the seniors and we were told that they wanted to discuss something about the forthcoming annual fest of the college. When we reached the designated place, the seniors asked the 1st year students to stand with their heads bowed. Doji refused to do so and this displeased some seniors,” informed a 1st-year student of the college seeking anonymity.

“Furiated by Dui’s behaviour, Ritu Raj Tiwari, a 4th-year student, came forward and slapped Dui and asked him to follow the instruction of the seniors. But Dui was firm and he hit back and punched Ritu Raj Tiwari hard and this only proved Tiwari more. After that Tiwari and few more seniors dragged Dui and beat him mercilessly, leaving him bruised and almost unconscious,” further added the NIT student.


It may be noted here that Dui’s sister, Preeti Doji, updated photographs of Dui on her Facebook wall and after that, the entire news spread like wildfire. In her post, Preeti not only wrote and highlighted the entire incident; she even shared photographs of her brother.

“On the wee hours of 10/03/18 at 1.00 am, my brother Dui Doji was assaulted by a group of around 20 senior students at NIT, Agartala, Aryabhatta Hostel A, Block 409. He has received severe injuries on his head, back, neck and has multiple fractures all over his body and his eardrum has been ruptured,” Preeti wrote in her Facebook profile and also identified the assaulters as- Ritu Raj Tiwari, Dhan Mantri, Dhananjay Kanujiya, Sachin, Rahul Choudhary, and Ankur Pal.


Preeti’s post was picked up by a galaxy of social media users. Even the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India, Kiren Rijiju, took note of the incident. In a Tweet, he wrote, “The violent incident of ragging at NIT, Agartala, is very unfortunate. I spoke to CM @BjpBiplab Ji and DGP Tripura. The police are taking appropriate actions.”

Meanwhile, an FIR was filed with the police by the guardians of some of the ragged students and after that, the NIT authorities have taken strict actions and suspended six students.

“Two senior NIT-Agartala students of the 8th semester have been suspended academically on charges of ragging junior students. Four other students have been fined Rs 5,000 and three among them have been asked to quit the institute hostels,” NIT-Agartala, Dean of Students’ Welfare Rajsekhar Panua informed the media. However, it is interesting to note here that the NIT director initially tried to strike a compromise with Dui’s family and asked them not to go to the police and loge the FIR.

In Retrospection

This is not the first time that a student has complained about a ragging or a student has been beaten up by the seniors for not ‘following’ the words of the seniors. In many cases earlier, it has been noticed that a student either leaves the college where he was ragged or he breaks down mentally and emotionally so much that he commits suicide. The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly asked the college authorities to curb the menace of ragging. Anti-Ragging Laws have also been made but even then incidents like these keep on occurring and this points towards the hollowness in the laws and the vigilance of the college authorities.

One thing is interesting to note here that some of the students who have spoken out after the incident, claim that the incident was a case of racism as Dui Doji was mocked by being asked whether he was unable to understand Hindi.

According to some of the students, not all the students who are named on the FIR had taken part in this shameful act. Though they were present there, they didn’t beat the victim, the students said.

Though it was an incident where there is a fact of campus violence, there is a fact of news manipulation, there is a continuous demand for a proper justice, no national coverage has been made. In their charter od demands, a group of students have demanded proper punishment for the students involved and making sure no one is penalised unnecessarily; requested that incident must be kept away from dirty politics, and they further demanded that in no way the campus violence is tagged as a racist attack.

The ball is now in the court of law and a proper judgement is awaited.

(The author is a freelance writer who is pursuing a degree in media)


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