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Richard Urges Pema Khandu Not to Forget His Roots

Richard Urges Pema Khandu Not to Forget His Roots
June 19
16:14 2017

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu seems to be forgetting his roots; this was Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) chief Richard M Marak.

“Pema Khandu seems to be forgetting his roots. He should remember that he was an Indian National Congress MLA and the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh till September of 2016,” said Marak, adding, “He should also remember that the people of his constituency chose Pema Khandu, the INC candidate not Pema Khandu, the BJP candidate,”

Marak further added that it is said that stones and sticks are only thrown at fruit-bearing trees and no matter what non-performing people like Pema Khandu may say, the people of Meghalaya know what INC has done for the state. “Isn’t it ironic that a leader of such instability should talk about the leadership qualities of others? As for the INC, the people of Arunachal Pradesh had voted for the INC, under which the government was formed”.

“People of Garo Hills are smart enough to know that the Congress led MUA government under the leadership of Mukul Sangma has done so much for Garo Hills and the entire state,” Marak asserted, “If the manifesto is to be looked at, the Congress party, manifesto is being fulfilled, showing that the party is not just empty promises.”

Marak also blamed BJP government in Centre for unemployment, border simmering etc, “India under BJP has become like no jobs for youth, no relief for farmers, OROP partially delivered, streets not safe, borders simmering, J&K unsettled, a country where cows are safer than women and eating beef carries a more rigorous punishment than molesting women.”


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