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Sikkim CM Announces Slew of Development Projects at Janta Mela

Sikkim CM Announces Slew of Development Projects at Janta Mela
July 12
12:39 2017

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chaming attended the Janta Mela under Gram Swaraj Abhiyan 2017 organized by RM&D Department at Lameytar, Temi on Tuesday. The CM handed over Janta Mela tokens under various departments to forty five beneficiaries under Rangang-Yangang, Temi-Namphing and Barfung.

Addressing, the gathering the Chief Minister spoke in brief about the Janta Mela which is a mela that has been devised by the State Government to serve and uplift the rural masses. The CM made a series of announcements towards the development of South District and welfare of general public. He announced the construction of construction of a community-centre, helipad, taxi parking plaza, tourism peace centre in Temi and upgradation of lameytar public ground,.

He announced that approximately 2000 crore tender has been sanctioned for construction of schools, markets and other infrastructural amenities for the larger good of the public. Development of a golf course in Gangtok, State Library with over 26 lakhs books, construction of Ethnic Cultural Centre housing all communities of Sikkim, beautification of major towns of the state were other announcements made by the CM.

Informing, the public about various kinds of pension schemes initiated by the State Government. He announced the increase in pension fund for old age, unmarried, transgenders, physical challenged, women and mothers of the state. Further, the CM announced the construction of old age home for senior citizens in all the districts of the state.

Speaking about the prime agenda of Gram Swaraj Abhiyan which considers the priorities of the public as the prime, the CM informed the distribution of allotment orders for construction of one storied buildings, GCI Sheet, Pressure Cookers, LPG stove, mulching cows, fodder, grass cutter machines, Power Tillers and other community assets to be provide to the selected beneficiaries. He reiterated various Governments schemes which provide free vaccination for women and children, schemes that encourage start-ups in sectors like tourism and homestays.

He also spoke about 25% – 60% subsidies available for the youth to take up Fisheries, Poultry Farming, Organic Farming, agro based agriculture, Vermi-Culture, floriculture in order to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. The Chief Minister highlighted the mission of the State Government to set the pace and development of the public at large through Sikkim Poverty Free Mission, Sikkim Self-Reliant Mission, Total Literacy Mission, Health Mission and Sikkim Green Mission. He also stated various rights, reservations and benefits provided for all COI holders.

The Chief Minister directed the Forest Officials alongside the public to discontinue the plantation and use of China Teak as the wood derived from the tree is non durable as well as unreliable for construction and other similar purposes. Instead the CM encouraged avenue plantations of various kinds of fruit and flowering bearing trees.

Moreover, Chamling strongly advocated a systematic order of administration among the South District Officials and directed them to be inculcate a sense of ownership in carrying out their duties diligently.


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