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Wed, 01 Apr 2020

Northeast Today

Some Springboards for North Eastern Enthusiasts

Some Springboards for North Eastern Enthusiasts
August 17
13:11 2019

Kristi Borah

Northeast India; the land of seven sisters and one brother is much more than it’s picturesque beauty. The intermingling of different cultures and traditions has made it a heavenly place.
Alluring handicraft, various dance forms and different food habits of every community offer the inhabitants ample scope of choosing a career from these uncharted corridors. Here are a few simple options that can be beneficial if done properly. Kristi Borah looks at some vocational options for young Northeasterns.

Picture 1
How to make a livelihood from weaving? Here are few online certificate courses on textile for a better outcome:
1) Certificate Course on Textile, International Institute of Management & Engineering (6 Months)
2) Textile Design Course Studies, JRD Global Edu (1 Year)
3) Certificate Course on Textile Design Course, International Institute of Management & Engineering (6 Months)
Once done with the training you can set up a rural industry to generate employment. Get a weaving loom and let your stress vanish by creating something beautiful every day.
Monetizing Traditional Values
Northeast India is the shelter for hundreds of community with a different socio-cultural background. With every 10 Km’s passing there is different cultural identity which gives the opportunity to teach children the different art forms.
What can you do?
You can choose an open space or can buy a room to teach your own community kids the different dance forms, folk songs and most importantly their own lingo; the indigenous languages.
This transmission of knowledge is very important and relevant in recent times. This will help them to learn their tradition, to connect with their tribe deeply. Evening time is best for these classes. And of course, you can make out a good amount of money by propagating these intangible attributions if it’s your cup of tea!


Picture 3
A Northeast Indian platter without pickle is incomplete. In our career section of the July’ 2019 issue, we have mentioned how to manage a kitchen garden with minimal expenses.
Going a step ahead, you can make pickles at your home and start selling it. Displaying our ethnic foods at a global market will bring laurel to the entire region. Some examples are ghost chili bamboo shoot, elephant fruit, and the list goes on. This will surely bring you a fortune!
One can go for self-employment through fisheries-related business. Each state government has a fisheries department where you can apply for various posts. Central government agencies like Marine Product Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Fisheries Survey of India (FSI), NIO, WHO, and many others also provide job opportunities for the aspirants.
The undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in the field of Fisheries & Aquaculture include:
Bachelor’s Courses:
• Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc) – 4 years
• Bachelor of Science (Industrial Fish and Fisheries) – 3 years
• B.Sc. (Fisheries) – 3 years
• B.Sc. (Aquaculture) – 3 years
Master’s Courses:
• Master’s of fisheries science (M.F.Sc) – 2 years
• Master’s of Science (M.Sc) – 2 years
The selection process for admission in various universities/colleges is through the university-level exam (CUSAT 2019) and state level entrance examination after studying science with bio in 10+2. Students can also apply for ICAR 2019.
Fishing is a relaxing experience for many. If you don’t want to go for these fishery courses you can earn good money by catching, processing, marketing and conservation of fish at your own fishery.
Choosing and navigate the right career is a tough decision. It happens that people tend to overlook the simplest and easiest way to make a good life; you can encourage friends, family and especially ladies to opt for these ways in an era of increasing unemployment.


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