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Mon, 25 Mar 2019

Northeast Today

Striking the Right Chord

Striking the Right Chord
December 18
17:52 2017

November Edition, Music, NET Bureau, Partha Prawal

An all-girls’ band from Manipur, Minute of Decay (MOD) is one of the finest bands from the northeast region. In conversation with Northeast Today, this all sisters’ band spoke at length about their journey so far.

NET: Tell us something about your initial days and how did you come up with the idea of forming a band?

MOD: Initially, forming a band was never a part of the plan. We grew up singing at various places. We were just sisters performing together. Somewhere along the way it caught the attention of the media. Once we were asked if the band had a name. The camera was rolling and ‘Minute of Decay ‘ was the prompt reply .Ever since there’s no turning back.

NET: What does the name ‘Minute of Decay’ signifies?

MOD: Rather than the significance, it’s a reminder to us. Like dainty flowers that bloom and wither in no time, so do our lives. Our parents often encourage us to use the talents that God has given us while we still can. We’re short lived. So while here on earth, make good of the precious time before the ‘Minute of Decay’ strikes.

NET: Who have been your individual inspirations?

MOD: We grew up listening to Suzi Quatro, Janis Joplin, Beatles, and Mr. Big. Even Christian artists like Amy Grant, Petra, and Jennifer Knapp inspired us. Our bassist is a big fan of Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten and Tal Wilkenfeld.

NET: Your lyrics are quite powerful and carry an in-depth meaning. Tell us something about your song making process- right from writing to composing.

MOD: Mostly we are asked to share our thoughts and what we would like to convey to others through our music. So while writing we keep all these in mind. Cliché as it may sound but music is indeed a universal language and we’re fortunate to be able to express and reach out to others through it.

NET: Generally, how long do you take in completing a song?

MOD: Writing is more relaxing. We sit down and share ideas. Structuring is the fun and challenging part. We’re different individuals and we have different ideas. Putting them together and giving it a final go for production takes about some good weeks.

NET: How important do you think detailing is while writing a song or composing the music?

MOD: Every little detail tells a lot about the song/writer. But most importantly to be able to write a good song we need to stay loyal to our creativity and keep true to ourselves. Every band/individual is unique. Like Ed Sheeran said, “No one is going to sing/ write like you as long as you exactly keep it yourself”. You are you!

NET: ‘Little Betsy’ and ‘Lifesong’ are two of your most admired and listened songs. Please shed some history behind making these two songs.

MOD: As an all-girls’ band and coming from the Northeast, we’re often asked about our culture, our values, our identity etc. and as mentioned above, when we write songs we try to express our thoughts in our music. Both the songs ‘Little Betsy’ and ‘Lifesong’ are from our debut EP ‘Finding Betsy’. It is a jarring testimony about youth, drugs, faith, identity, relationship and meekness of a girl from the Northeast.

NET: You have performed at a number of places so far. Of all the places, which has been the most favourite and why?

MOD: We’re from Somdal, one of the villages in Ukhrul District, Manipur. Performing in our own hometown on a cold January night, the love we got from them is one of the things in life we will always cherish.

NET: Any place in your wish-list where you would love to perform?

MOD: Madison Square Garden.

NET: What are your plans for the future?

MOD: Keep making music.

NET: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

MOD: We are sisters and we have no choice in that. But to remain together as a band, we have a choice in that. One thing for sure, music will always be a part of us. God willing, we will continue to utilize our talents and reach out to people far and wide – hopefully millions in five years’ time???

NET: What message do you want to convey to the world through your music?

MOD: If you ever need love and a little reminder now and then of how precious and beautiful life is, Minute of Decay is here to stay… stick around!!

NET: Anything else that you would like to add on for our readers.

MOD: Thank you to one and all who has journeyed with us since Day 1. Keeps the love coming! And a big thanks to Northeast Today for keeping us connected to your dear readers.

About MOD

Genre: Indie Rock/ Indie Pop/ Reggae/ Indie Folk/ Funk


Worshon Muivah – Guitar/ Vocals

Singchon Muivah – Bassist

Thotyaphy Muivah – Drummer


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