A hydroelectric dam in Arunachal Pradesh; Photo Credit : Robert Harding/Alamy

Arunachal Pradesh : Forest Panel Seeks Report On Clearances Granted For Hydroelectric Projects 

  NET Web Desk The Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) sought a report within three weeks about the compliance status of forest clearances granted to Arunachal …

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Representational Image; Source : iStock

Manipur : Media Outlets Continue Protest Against Pending Advertisement Dues 

  NET Web Desk The boycott enforced by Manipur media outlets on all government-related news, an agitation related with the state’s reluctance to clear overdue …

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A still from Priyakanta Laishram’s - 'Oneness'; Screengrab

Manipur’s First Gay-Themed Movie – “Oneness” Project Gender Sensitivity Issues; Normalizing Queer Representations 

  NET Web Desk In order to promote cinema as social force, queer films have always believed in exhibiting narratives with outstanding treatment of human …

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Photo Credit : Rajkumar Imo Singh/Twitter

Manipur : CM N. Biren Singh’s Son-In-Law 5 Times More Richer Than Him; Claims Poll Affidavit

  NET Web Desk Rajkumar Imo Singh – the son-in-law of Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, who recently filed his nomination paper as Bharatiya …

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