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Tue, 23 Jul 2019

Northeast Today

The 10 Best Winter Destinations in India

The 10 Best Winter Destinations in India
November 09
16:02 2018

NET Bureau

Winter is a great time to visit India. In fact, the months between October and March are the best times to travel to most of the country. At that time of the year, the tropical storms have passed, and temperatures have dropped to reasonable levels. As a result, most travelers find the climate much more comfortable than they do during the hot summer months.

That said, you still need to choose your destination in India carefully. If you are after some winter sun and mistakenly book yourself a trip to a part of India that gets very cold you would probably get very disappointed, and vice versa of course. Without further ado, let’s explore 10 of the best winter destinations in India.

1. An Indian beach holiday – Goa

If you are looking for some winter sun, you really cannot beat the beaches of Goa. They are simply stunning. You can enjoy them year round, but they are especially nice during the winter months.
At that time of the year, they are relatively quiet and the temperate climate means that you can easily stay on the beach all day long. If you are there during December, you can also enjoy the famous Sunburn festival.

2. Visit the Taj Mahal

When it comes to India tours, perhaps the first destination that pops into most people’s minds is the Taj Mahal. Every year, this stunning building is enjoyed by up to 4 million visitors. November to February is the best time to visit this fantastic wonder of the world.
While you are there, take the time to visit the Agra Red Fort as well. Also, we recommend to not miss the Mehtab Bagh Gardens either as they will be will be lush, green and full of exotic flowers. If you are planning to do this, check what time these two attractions close as they normally have earlier closing times during Winter.

Taj Mahal


3. Magical Delhi 

Delhi takes on an almost magical air in winter. The morning mists create a remarkable ambiance that many visitors really enjoy. However, it is best to avoid the months of December and January as, in Delhi, typically those two months are too cold for most people’s tastes.

4. The desert city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is a remarkable place but too hot for most visitors during the summer months, and hence, perfect to visit during winter. It is located on the edge of the Thar Desert, which gives you the chance to take a desert safari on the back of a camel. Desert camping is also an option. While inside the modern city a visit to the Gadisagar Lake, surrounded by temples and shrines, is a must.


5. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi was the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire and is the location of some remarkable ruins. In the winter months, it is cool enough to explore them properly.

6. Enjoy some outdoor activities in Dandeli, Uttara Kannada

The city of Dandeli is a relatively new city that has plenty to offer visitors. It is located right next to a huge nature reserve, so visitors can enjoy the best of both worlds. In the early part of the winter, bird watching is a very popular pastime here. During October, November and December visitors can enjoy a huge range of other outside activities. Everything from nature watching to white-water rafting is available.

7. The salt desert of Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

The sight of a salt desert is one that relatively few people have seen. It is quite unlike many other common landscapes. Most people stay either in the Toran Rann Resort or Hodka. We recommend that you time your visit carefully as the area is covered in water until October, when it starts to dry out and the amazing expanse of salt is revealed. Yet, by April and ahead, the Rann of Kutch desert becomes very hot.
If possible, you should visit during the beginning of November where the remarkable Rann Ustav festival starts and goes on until February.

8. Winter skiing – Thajiwas Glacier, Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

If you fancy going skiing while you visit India, head to the Thajiwas Glacier. It usually snows quite heavily from December to May so you can ski there during most of the winter months. If there is not enough snow, you can climb and hike instead.

9. Skiing – Auli, Chamoli, Uttarkhand 

It is also possible to ski in Auli in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The small resort has 4 kilometers of runs serviced by a cable car, chairlift and a ski lift.

10. A fantastic winter honeymoon and skiing destination– Shimla, Himachal, Pradesh

Shimla is another great destination for winter sports lovers. It is considered one of the best skiing areas in India. Shimla is perhaps best known as a honeymoon destination as it is a truly magical and romantic place. Paragliding is popular in the area as well.
We hope the above list gave you a lot of inspiration for your upcoming winter holiday in India.

Bon Voyage!





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