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Tue, 07 Apr 2020

Northeast Today

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect
February 23
11:18 2020

Admit it! Butterflies are extraordinarily beautiful, photogenic and difficult to photograph. However, Roshan Upadhaya from Arunachal Pradesh recently set the India Book of Records for capturing maximum number of species of butterflies.


Chirasmrita Devi


Although he is originally from Tinsukia, Assam he was born and brought up in Arunachal and is currently working as a constable in Miao, Arunachal Pradesh Police Department. Roshan has an extraordinary photographic collection of butterflies for they love to perch on his body. Since, a very long time Roshan had a penchant for wildlife photography and has also been doing research in a particular field of butterfly as well. environment 2

Roshan took his maiden butterfly shot on 17th November 2017 and since then there was no turning back for him. Roshan is highly grateful to his friend Minom Pertin who introduced him to the world of Butterflies and they have been following same hobby. Roshan never imagined even in his wildest dreams that he would set a record someday. He started capturing butterflies as a hobby to take a break from his hectic police job. Sometimes, Roshan would visit the jungle with a rifle on side and a camera on the other.

However, photographing butterflies is not just a matter of entertainment as in future he wants to make people aware about the importance of butterflies to balance the ecology. He is associated with an NGO named SEED (Society for education and environment development) focusing on the conservation of nature and encouraging the youth  to  love  and  conserve  the mother-nature. Roshan’s heaven for environment 1butterfly exploration is Namdapha National Park located around 25kms from his place. He would visit the park twice or thrice in a week and roam around the jungle and river beds. The sight there is mesmerizing for a paramour of mother-nature. “We have successfully conducted North East Butterfly Meet and 2nd edition of Namdapha butterfly meet. And third edition will be held from 5-8 march 2020 at Miao itself”, informed Roshan.

The biggest struggle for Roshan is to  manage  time for his passion in the midst of  his  job.  “My  duty requires me to be at the job all the time hence, sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to scrape out time to explore the butterflies. However, I am lucky considering that my SP and senior officers are  very supportive and always encourage me to do good for the society and environment’, says a happy Roshan.

Another hiccup on his way was bearing expenses   of the camera and its accessories. Also, to photograph butterflies one needs to have a macro lens which costs quite some bucks. Roshan has been trying really hard  to burn his candles at the both ends. “As a constable  my salary is very low and I have to serve my family, bear expenses for studies and as well as for my passion within that limited budget”, says Roshan.

Fortunately for Roshan, his friend Minom and his family stood by him during every rough patch of his life. Hence, he happily dedicates the award to them.

In most of the pictures, the butterflies are seen happily perching on Roshan’s body. When asked about the secret he said, “the first and foremost thing to photograph these beautiful creatures is love towards nature as the tiny jewel too can the love and care. I let them sit on me and make them comfortable. Once it’s done I take the snapshot of the moment. The ecstasy is inexplicable.”

environment 3Till now Roshan has captured more than 170 different species of butterflies and he wishes to continue his flight with butterflies as long as possible as for him butterflies are the best thing that ever happened to him!


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