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The Changing Trend of Rakhis

The Changing Trend of Rakhis
August 07
12:28 2017

Raksha Bandhan is the festival idolising the relentless love, affection, and devotion between a brother and a sister. The festival respects siblings’ love, which is always upheld during unfavourable times. The festival is symbolised by the tying of a Rakhi (a band made out of different materials and which comes in various designs and sizes) on the wrist of the brother by his sister.

Earlier, the rakhi comprised of a simple thread. It was quite traditional in appearance. Over the years, however, innovative designers came up with diverse kinds of rakhis to suit everyone’s taste.


“The change that we see today in the designs of rakhis is a change that has come in gradually over the past decade and more. It is for the peoples’ desires and choices that we are witnessing this change,” says Baby Talukdar, who runs a shop in Guwahati that is a home to variety of rakhis.

“I have been selling rakhis for the past 20 years. The demands for new designs increase every year,” she further adds on.

“Nowadays, a customer also has the option of choosing a rakhi from online portals and shops as well. The online market comes with new and trendy designs and hence the competition to make better and stylish rakhis is immense. And who would like to buy something online if it is not stylish?” says Shilpa Das, a student of Pragjyotish College, Guwahati, who had bought quite a number of rakhis online.

Apart from the latest trends and designs making inroads in the market, ‘charm rakhis’ are something new in the list. These rakhis are supposed to bring good fortune. Amongst them, the Feng Shui charm rakhi is very popular.

Then there are these currency rakhis, wherein plastic or paper is used. There are also musical rakhis that produce melodious music in a human voice or an animal’s voice. Sometimes, a stuffed toy is placed in the middle of the sacred thread. When it is pressed, it produces musical sounds.

Trends come and fade away but the bond remains immortal.


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